Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Yoink again

No one was avoiding him, it was just that an apparent random Brownian motion was gently moving everyone away.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

Sometimes, being me is too good to be true, I mean really, way too good :D

I enter Eifer in The Garbage Man, a Rifter built almost exclusively from loot, I warp to my normal scan spot and hit the onboard scanner...



In the direction of a hidden belt an associate probed out last night.

So I call said associate and ask her where these fellas are, she says she didn't bookmark it as it's a site of little consequence to her, but she knows its general where-abouts and drops core probes as not to alert them that we are looking for them. Meanwhile I head back to Gusandall to refit Flubber, I would need more points if I was going to make the most of this.

Meanwhile, Keira moved into place with her Claymore, I would need support in the shape of her gang bonuses, in case I landed a bit too far out of range of my scramblers. Our associate had scanned the site out and was busy setting up a warpin, but she reported a Covetor and Orca now, no sign of the Loki but the same two pilots, so it's safe to assume the Loki is inside the Orca.

EVE System > Channel changed to Eifer Local Channel

Our associate reports she is five clicks off the Orca and with that I jump in and warp directly to her position. I land well within range and lock both up. Covetor is first target, it goes down and pilot warps its escape pod to safety. I engage the Orca, at half shields I give terms:

Kane Rizzel > eject
Tanisha > ransom?
Kane Rizzel > 1.5bil
Kane Rizzel > you have a loki in there
Tanisha > be reasonable
Kane Rizzel >that was reasonable

The Orca ejects the Loki and and another Covetor, the other pilot warps back in his pod, in the vain hope of salvaging a little from what was quickly becoming a bad day for them. Loki is locked and scrammed, making sure it couldn't be boarded. The Orca explodes and both pods are locked and popped.

A few minutes later while I was waiting for an associate to come deal with the loot they appeared back in Eifer

Kane Rizzel > should have paid
Nimisha > you should have been reasonable, its all replacable
Kane Rizzel > loki and orca plus cargo and clones, 1.5bil was very reasonable
Nimisha > no
Nimisha > 500 mill, woulda happened
Kane Rizzel > nah, it's all good, I got a loki and a covetor, thrasher and a few killmails
Nimisha > enjoy while ya can
Kane Rizzel > ooh, I will
Kane Rizzel >thanks
Nimisha > I do hope so

I... Think... That was a threat :)

Edit: Soloing Drakes in a Rifter is the definition of cool (Sure it's not a great fit but a kill is a kill :P)


Orson said...

Nice Shield Boost Amplifier on the Orca, but don't you kinda need a shield booster to go with it...

Nashh Kadavr said...

omg wtf

Tsubutai said...

Nice, but you might want to obscure your alts' identities in that screenie (well, I guess Keira's a little obvious, but the other associate might be a little less so).

Planetary Genocide said...

Lucky bastard.

Kane Rizzel said...

Tsub: Not too worried about it tbh, anyone with half a brain can figure out who my alts are.

Alise has been with me for about 2 years and in Kenny's corp for about 18months.

Just for interests sake:
4 Accounts, Kane is the only one on his account, three characters on the other three of which Keira, Kenny, Leeanne and Alise are known.

Kenny started out as a bait Character but is know a mac tengu/commandship/leadership pilot.

Keira we all know about but she is also now a max skilled Aeon pilot.

Leeanne is a max skilled covops/prober along with logistics and transport

Alise is a max skilled covops/prober and transport.

The other five are a mixed bag, some cyno, some infiltration and some just because I liked the names