Tuesday, 27 January 2009

With a Vengeance

"Today Is A Good Day For Someone Else To Die!"

-- (Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay)

Keira finally got off her ass and moved the loot from the "Farmer Smash" campaign, which only totalling 14 kills thus far has netted some nice ISK. I took a break from harassing them and mostly messed about in a Rifter.

One kill, that's all I had. A Rifter sat still at a planet, My systems froze up for a few seconds and by the time I regained control of my ship the other Rifter was dead. So not much to write about. The varied blobs and unwillingness of others to leave safespots meant I spent a lot of time in station sorting out paperwork and shooting the breeze in the various pubs.

While Keira moved the loot to highsec she reported a Vengeance class assault frigate in the 2/10 plex. I raced to my Jaguar and started the undock procedure. After more seconds than I cared for I eventually emerged into the Gusandall night sky, scanner primed towards the 2/10 plex. Vengeance still there.


I burst out of warp on the gate and scan in it's direction... Nothing. I swing the scanner's narrow arc towards the 1/10 plex and the Vengeance appears in its direction.


Another warp and the gate is in front of me, scan in the direction of the deadspace confirms he's in there. The ancient gate slings me into warp. Warp disruptor is primed and set to overheat so that if the mark has moved off from the warpin that I would have the range to keep him in place.

Warp trails stream off my Jaguar and the Vengeance is only 5 clicks off my port side, targeted and scrammed in an instant, the game is on. My autocannons and rocket launcher strip his shields away but that's not the meat of a Vengeance, it has a formidable armour tank and it was only now I realised I made a schoolboy error... WRONG BLOODY AMMO KANE!

Tech 2 Amarr ships have good resists except for Thermal, which is its weakness, lo and behold I didn't have any ammo that would take advantage of that hole so it was down to my thermal rockets and EMP based ammunition to wittle the armour away. Meanwhile the Vengeance pilot was hammering away at my shields, a futile excercise on his part as I was holding steady with passive regen and good resists.

Slowly but surely my damage output was creeping up on his repping ability and soon he was in low armour. The time had come to overheat everything and throw the kitchen sink at him. Three minutes of dogfighting and his Vengeance was venting fuel and oxygen into space, it was on fire from bow to stern and exploded in a satisfying ball of flames. The pilots escape pod made a hasty retreat as my systems tried to establish a lock. A good and honest fight and a view the other pilot acknowledged in local comms.

A quiet few days for me but New Eden has been busy with the 6th Alliance tournament in which my good friends The Bastards are competing. They totally annihalated KIA alliance and have Cry Havoc next up on the dinner plate.
Next qualifying rounds are Saturday and Sunday and you can listen live at New Eden Radio and if you missed any of the action can watch recorded footage of the matches from here.

Good luck to The Bastards in their next match


Sard Caid said...

With rockets in such a poor state, it's little surprise you erased him from the field. Jaguars these days are more deadly than ever; nice kill.

Misaniovent said...

I fly the Vengeance a lot, and the Wolf is definitely a ship I would avoid. That said, with a good fit you can get it to tank over 200 dps. Oh my.