Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Rizzel returns

The doors to the hangar close.

"holy Jita it's dark in here"

The sound of careful movement echo in the darkness and then a loud bang.

"OUCH! What was that?"

The one with the questions slowly gets back to his feet and mutters:

"Lights... Anyone... Lights?"

Another thud and the voice let's out a sigh.

"Did anybody bother to pay the electric bill?"

A light click and small flash of light appears in the hangar, a lighter has been lit and the face of Kane Rizzel looking rather annoyed is engulfed in its glow as he lights a cigarette.

Slowly he makes his way to the large desk in the corner of the hangar and powers the computer up. A few seconds pass as it gets going before he checks the mail.

"Sweet mother of Buddha, that's a lot of mail"

He scans through it until he finds one of significance and hits the 'Pay Rent' button.

"and then there was light"

The hangar lights up as Kane leans back in his chair and exhales a lung full of smoke.

"Home sweet home"

Game face

It's been almost a month and I'm well rested, sometimes you just need to unplug and go off some place sunny, where the drinks have those little umbrellas in them. It's been a good break, a much needed break.

I check the rest of the mail, some fan mail, some not so fan mail and the usual bills. I pay the bills and start surveying the hangar. The ships that are ready are few as I had most of the fleet in the corporate hangar, mothballed so to speak. I check what's ready: Dramiel, Succubus, Rifter and Broadsword. The corporate hangar inventory reveals a rather larger assortment but I'll have to wait till I can get the hangar crew back in to work till I can start thinking about them.

I log into the various intel channels and start scanning for any action. There's sweet and buggerall going on but it seems a lot of people are logged in. A few minutes pass when someone mentions that there's a Thrasher in the 2/10 Angel complex. Well now, just what I need to get back in the saddle. I saunter over to the nearest ship which just happens to be my Dramiel and get her started. The undock procedure takes slightly longer than I'd like but it's not too loong before the Gusandall night sky greets me.

I warp straight to the complex and activate the gate as I land, I'm slung into the first room and the Thrasher is calmly going about its business. I close quickly and once in range I initiate lock, scrambler kicks in as it resolves, the fight is short but oh so sweet, a reminder of why I enjoy this lifestyle. A short burst of adrenaline, the heart pumping blood at an accelerated rate. a rush of uphoria passes and I scoop the loot and corpse before warping to a safespot to enjoy the rest of the rush.

I head back to station and offload the loot, jump in a Rifter and head on over to Eifer but after a while I head back home as nothing's stirring.

Nothing too exciting for my return but I felt I should mention it none the less.

Keira is still doing some work in highsec but I'll be around a bit more often now so if you see me in local say hi and if I happen to be shooting you at the time, it's nothing personal.


Velocity Prime said...

Welcome back.

I look forward to reading more of your adventures.


Shae Tiann said...

Welcome back, hon =3

Mynxee said...

Always glad to hear more of Kane terrorizing Heimatar :)