Monday, 28 June 2010


In the Beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

It's not always a pleasure to lose ones hard earned spaceship, although I take great pleasure in relieving others of theirs.

What goes around comes around though and karma has a funny way of paying back whatever misdeeds one may have done.

A quiet afternoon in the Evanatter pocket of Heimatar saw my cousin and associate Kenny Rizzel doing some plex work in neighbouring systems that were probed out by another associate. On his way back to Emolgranlan he reported a Myrmidon battlecruiser sitting on the Gusandall gate in Eifer. Being a PvP novice and in a rather expensive Tengu, he decided we would try and bait the Myrm into action. He locked him up but the Myrm didn't bite.

I undocked in a Harbinger and made best speed to the Eifer gate as Kenny had decided to fire ze missiles at the Myrm.

Myrm was at half armour when I jumped in and instantly engaged and it was then that local filled up with the Myrmidon's support. Kenny was at good range but I was in it till the death. The Myrmidon went down, I switched to one of the Hurricanes, Kenny bails as a Taranis starts in on him. Fair enough, he is not set up for combat. I hit the hurricane hard but a swarm of ECM drones wreak havoc with my sensors and I lose the ability to target my aggressors.

My Harbinger goes down, good fight, if a little one sided, I get the pod out sharpish to the safety of an alliance controlled POS in system.

Kenny has his very first Global Criminal Countdown but has no safespots in system so I tell him to warp to my position.

"Is it safe"

Of course it is, you're a Rizzel, you're all blue to the alliance.

He warps to my position after entering the forcefield password and bounces off the shields.


Hold on little buddy, I'm just busy...


Double you tea eff mate?

Kenny is not able to get away as the Alliance controlled POS reduces his mighty Tengu to nothing more than some debris in space.

I watch on helplessly as my cousin is obliterated by friendly fire.


Yes, that was a 2billion ISK Tengu that got evaporated by friendly fire. Kenny took it surprisingly well, just asking that anything that survived be returned to him. Myself? I was a bit more upset, I've only recently given up smoking (5days now \o/) and this wasn't helping my mood. I don't mind losses in combat, whether it being blobbed, baited or ECM'd (OK, y'all now I hate ECM) but this was a very hard pill to swallow.

I headed back to Gusandall and docked up, said sorry to Kenny who had just arrived at his HQ in Emolgranlan and decided to take a rather long walk to clear my mind.

I could really use a cigarette but need to stay strong.


Andrew said...

At least the A-Type MSB survived. Not sure how much they're going for these days, but the last time I found one it sold for about 1.2 billion ISK.

Always have to be careful with POSes; sometimes unfortunately they are also configured to engage on aggression, whereas normally they should only be configured to shoot based on standings or war.

manasi said...

stay strong and avoid the cigs matey! they will def kill ya :)

Ouch tough loss to 'friendly fire'..better luck next time.

Lock out said...

Ok, so he never had a GCC countdown, he is a bit of a pvp noob, he is not combat fit, but he starts getting in to pvp in a 2 bil Tengu ?

POS or no POS that spells disaster tbh.

What happend to the good ol' rifter ?

Panthe Tek said...

First don't start smoking again, you'll regret it in 30 years or so :)

Secondly, despite it being GCC-caused kill it's not even worth giving a GM petition a shot? After all, all they can say is no and Kenny could win a lot, plus theres nothing left to lose. Captain Optimism signing out.