Friday, 9 July 2010


You never ever volunteered. Not even if a sergant stood there and said, "We need someone to drink alcohol, bottles of, and make love, passionate, to women, for the use of." There was *always* a snag. If a choir of angels asked for volunteers for Paradise to step forward, Nobby knew enough to take one smart pace to the rear.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay)

Sometimes you just get lucky and targets come to you.

I entered my hangar and spotted an intel channel lit up like a xmas tree. The locals were mustering for a fight as a large fleet of Electus Matari were in the area but as soon as we got our shit together the fight had left for highsec.

So we sulked a bit and then things started to kick off.

The majority of our gang were in battleships due to the nature of the Electus Matari fleet but once they had departed we were left with nought to do but wait for targets. They eventually came in the shape of Drakes, Harbingers and Hurricanes, two of each, coming from different directions.

Myself and Uma bear were at the Emol gate in Eifer, the rest of the gang were at the Gus gate, Drake jumps into them from Gusandall. Drake, Harbinger, Harbinger, Hurricane and Hurricane jump into myself and Uma bear. I get tackle on Drake and we engage, whilst the rest of the hostiles warp down to the the Gus gate. Uma and I kill the Drake as a fight kicks off down Gus gate. I warp at zero in Nanny Ogg, my Abbadon, the fight is about 70 clicks away but no matter, scorch gets loaded and boom. Drake and two Harbingers down, two Hurricanes run away. We did lose a friend in a Rifter... Good fight.

Whilst waiting out my GCC, an associate spots an Abbadon, three Stabbers and a Rifter loitering at planet 4 in Gus. I grab the Ghetto Bhaalgorn and warp myself in between them. I lock the Baddon, Stabbers and Rifter up, primary the Baddon and start pew pewing.

I mention on vent that I have a little fight going and before realising I could probably solo the lot, I asked if any of the locals would like a bite. I recognise one of the Stabber pilots as an unlucky fellow whose Scorpion ran afoul of the Ghetto Bhaal last night. They didn't last very long as the sharks went into a feeding frenzy.

Once the dust settled another small gang blew through Gus but only a Dramiel swung by to see what was up and got promptly tackled and webbed from about 50 km and got popped by battleships and a battlecruiser.

Then what seemed like a rematch from earlier was on the cards, but escalated in size. the small battlecruiser gang had turned into a small battleship gang and we hastily reshipped from mainly recons and heavy assault ships to battleships.

I got the Ghetto Bhaalgorn ready for some hot action and I would bait as I volunteered to get the ball rolling.

As I undocked it seemed the hostiles jumped into Eifer but scouts reported them re-approaching the gate. I land at zero, hostiles start to jump in, Kane is Primary...


The kitchen sink was well and truly thrown out the door, two Typhoons, two Dominix, two Armageddons, a Hurrican, Brutix and stealth bomber of some sort start engaging little ole me, a Scorpion warps in at range and starts jammin.

Our now rather large fleet warps in with Kurtz calling primaries, secondaries, neut targets & tackle targets. I'm having a ball, the versatility of the Bhaal been shown to full effect as I shoot the primary, web the secondaries, neut the geddons and just generally go mad.

At 50% armour there's a moment when I'm asked if I can de aggress, as the Scorp is making remote repping of my Bhaal a bit difficult, but their DPS is dropping as they encounter what is know in these parts as the Gusandall Initiation. At 32% armour I'm starting to think about de agressing but I just say I'm fine and we deal with the rest of the ships that lie before us, one domi managing to de agress and jump out, the Scorp, Brutix, Hurricane and stealth bomber able to stay out of range of tackle and bug out..

I love MEAN, calm throughout the fight and boy what a fight.

Thanks for coming to Gus, please call again.


mikoloco said...

Where is Kane?
Once brave fighter, going against odds, outnumbered and pulling it trough to great satisfaction of himself and readers. Now another blobber with too-shiny-to-loose toys writing about wins over bunch of inexperienced pilots. I have a feeling that only what is left here are quotes from Terry Pratchett.

Stay classy?

Laneth said...

"too-shiny-to-loose toys"
it wouldn't be undocked, fighting at a gate if it was "too-shiny-to-loose".