Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Rattler

"Taxation, gentlemen, is very much like dairy farming. The task is to extract the maximum amount of milk with the minimum of moo. And I am afraid to say that these days all I get is moo."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Jingo)

Rattlesnake baits on Gusundall station, I take the bait and undock an Armageddon, he engages me, I shoot back, taking him to 80% shields with me at about half shields. His friends, a Typhoon, Armageddon and Loki jump in, I de-agress... And dock at 86% armour.

EVE System > Channel changed to Gusandall Local Channel
Kane Rizzel > man, that rattler has poor dps
MMEEEE > says the guy that cant get me past 98% shields
Kane Rizzel > I stopped shooting when your friends jumped in
MMEEEE > and pussy out and dock
MMEEEE > like i said
Kane Rizzel > want to 1v1?
MMEEEE > mybe nextime
Kane Rizzel > don't be a pussy
MMEEEE > you cant brake my tank and you guys never fly alone for long
Kane Rizzel > 1v1 mate
Kane Rizzel > offer stands
Kane Rizzel > me vs you, no one else
MMEEEE > would love too
MMEEEE > but
Kane Rizzel > but, you're a pussy
MMEEEE > to many of your corp/ friends have played that game before
Kane Rizzel > ok, I'll log my alt out, that make you happy?
MMEEEE > only to get 5 or 8 more peeps
MMEEEE > but always fun
Kane Rizzel > 1v1, at a safe, your safe, your gang, you and me, no one else
MMEEEE > fly safe gents
Kane Rizzel > but if you're not confident in you're abilities
MMEEEE > always fun kane/
MMEEEE > lol
MMEEEE > smak dont bother me bro
Kane Rizzel > man, this will be blogged about, people too afraid to 1v1
MMEEEE > really though fly safe man
Kane Rizzel > you too

Calling me names because I wouldn't fight him and his friends :(

Edit: Re-reading all this, this guy is talking out his ass

MMEEEE > to many of your corp/ friends have played that game before << My corp is me and my family, no-one dishonours 1v1 and Mean are very strict on honouring 1v1s, don't make shit up.


S1r DigbyChickenCaesar said...

Had expirence with his corp and him, they get really butt hurt, and rely on other corps to help war dec, even then they still got pwned. They never fight in a fair situation.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Irregular Warfare.

His main account is Slick Duoros. They go around wardec'ing mining/indy corps. When I moved mine into our main PVP corp, they wardec'ed us with some friends (Apocalyptic Dejavu). They even lost to our Indy corp too.

They came after us and got raped. They got two more corps to wardec us and would just run around in stealth bombers refusing to engage. Parking neut alts in our system and refusing to fight. The other corps were "Pure Evil Warriors" and "The Pakk Syndicate".

Our killboards show us at 3billion killed, 600million lost. Fleet fights; We never lost one, they just picked on people stupid enough to go out alone when no-one was online.

Their use of Logon traps and neut repair ships was pretty funny too; Especially when they fuckup and get a Guardian and a Double plated Mega (or was it a domi?) got concorded after talking shit. Loved the Ragequit!

Anyways, if you want more Intel, let me know and i'll convo you ingame ;)

Anonymous said...

This is standard practice for people who marvel at their own genius for coming up with a basic bait and gank tactics.

Asssassin X said...

Kane you are one of if not the most honourable person I know in this game!!! It's not your fault he has no balls and smacks like an 8yr old girl :D

Schwa88 said...

Not very much in Eve makes me rage anymore, this still does.