Friday, 1 April 2011

Quit while you're only losing a little

Tourist, Rincewind decided, meant "idiot".
-- (Terry Pratchett, The Colour of Magic)

I've lost Flubber :(

Well it all started out by me fitting up a Navy Hookbill and warping to what seemed like a Navy Comet at the 2/10, turns out it was also an Enyo, Ishkur, Sentinel and Jaguar too.

Navy Comet almost goes down but the Navy Hookbill just couldn't cope with everything being thrown at it.

So Kane does what Kane would do in any situation like this, he goes back for revenge, I board Flubber and warp to the 2/10 but they have moved to the Hrondedir gate, I follow and they jump through, again I follow and they warp to the Hrondmund gate.

Instead of cutting my losses I say:

Kane Rizzel > all of you vs me?
Kane Rizzel > I'll be at the sun


There isn't a facepalm picture big enough, even the famed Picard montage facepalm would just not do. Keira is either going to laugh at this or be extremely angry

I have given up range dictation and in essence I just threw Flubber away like she meant nothing, all these years together and I sacrifice her for no gain.

The gang warps in, Sentinel at 40km, would have been my primary but my genius is not only matched but exceeded by my stupidity.

I take the Ishkur into armour but the tracking disruption from the Sentinel is fatal, for all my skillpoints, for all my experience and bravado, this fight was lost the minute I uttered those fateful words.

I'm sorry Flubber :(

I had been looking for a fight all night, but between the residents of Broadside and Independence channels running through the area in their own gangs, I had seen zero that I could take on my own, my impatience got the better of me.

Not been one of my better weeks but I shall persevere, I shall bounce back, for I am Kane Rizzel.

Today marks nine months since I took my first steps down the Straight Edge, stay strong and never surrender :)


HiRider said...

I am now a sad panda.

Taurean Eltanin said...

I'm not even close to your level of pvp yet, but I think every low sec pvp'r knows EXACTLY what that impatience feels like, and we all have our own idiot stories.

RIP Flubber.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, if that doesn't drive you to drink, your recovery is going well! :)

Theo d'or said...

Fuck booze and drugs, boet. Eve is bad enough.

Also, impatience. Yes, I know that one.

Also number two, that was one fucking expensive SFI.


Anonymous said...

Dudes, it's a GAME ! Yeah, this is not real, it's a freaking game

Kane Rizzel said...

Thank you Captain Obvious :P

Without anonymous posts like that I don't think I ever would have realised that, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Satire is lost on some :(

@Theo: Yes she was, the large rigs were the real prize though, everything else is replaced but one can never put large rigs on something like that again