Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The star of Eifer

The Battle of Koom Valley is the only one known to history where both sides ambushed each other.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms)

The Jaguar wants to be hunted, it lingers at belts and celestials, allowing me time to narrow it down but moving before I come out of warp. A smart pilot, but it wont be long until he waits for me to arrive.

I check my hold.

Drugs... Check
Cap Boosters... Check
Ammo... Check

I have loaded Phased Plasma, The Jaguars natural resists and the overwhelming tendency to tank against explosive damage meaning it would be my best choice.

The Jaguar is narrowed down at the heart of Eifer and I warp to the star.

I land, he's 30 odd clicks off. Instinct takes control as I close, set orbit to 2.5km, spin up the guns, prime tackle.

He lights me up first, slowing me down with a stasis webifier, a warps scrambler making sure I don't have second thoughts. My afterburner strains against the webifier, pushing me closer and closer.

The battle is on as my scrambler glows, a large chunk of my shields disappears... This is going to be tough, my shield booster claws some back, but another large chunk of red appears on my HUD. I take a hit of some drugs, the universe takes on a blue tinge, I lose some control of my capacitor, coupled with the fact he has a small energy neutralizer would make this fight so much more interesting.

With diminished capacitor but with a massive boost to shield repair the fight goes on. He's doing good damage but my small caliber guns are eating away at his shield buffer, whilst my own bounces up and down like crazy.

My capacitor runs dry, an overloaded cap booster charge fills it but the shield booster is hungry, overloaded to keep up with the incoming damage. My opponent hits half shields, my guns are now set to overload as I wait for another cap booster to load.

I've broken his shields as another overloaded cap booster fills my capacitor. I'm rocking inside my capsule, urging my guns to do more damage, that last bit of hull vanishes and all I hear is the rain of metal against the hull of Greebo, my own Jaguar class assault frigate.

A good fight, a very good fight as I share as much in the local comms channel, not even attempting to lock the pod of a most valiant opponent. Not sure I would have been afforded the same courtesy but an honourable warrior deserves an honourable exit to what was a superb display of frigate piloting.

Zodiac Black, I salute you.

(As a side note, I was in the wrong implant clone for the Jaguar setup I was using, it would have made a massive difference were I with my Crystal set. Also, no command boosts as it was only Zodiac and I in Eifer at the time of battle )



medium shield booster?
or a fancy pithii small like when we fought?

Kaeda Maxwell said...

Pssshhhh, pssshhhhh, yo Zodiac, wanna buy some blue pills? ey?

Miura Bull said...

Ah Zodiac Black, the snarling dog.

Flashfresh said...

Love to see your fit. Great post.