Thursday, 15 November 2012

It's my Precious now...

Chain-mail isn't much defence against an arrow. It certainly isn't when the arrow is being aimed between your eyes.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

Setting up for a day of hunting is second nature to NovaKane Inc and all it's associates. The most fertile hunting grounds are probed, bookmarks are made and eyes are kept, the system is scanned whenever potential prey appears on the local comms network.

Spotting probes on scan means that someone else is looking for something, just like we are, but we make our fortune by the misfortune of others, while they are looking for anomalies and complexes.

The day started with little luck as a Harpy warped away before I could get in range in the 2/10 of Gusandall, but soon fleet comms broke the silence as a Hurricane was spotted on scan in Eifer.
My associate checks the bookmarks and it isn't at the wormhole, or the radar complex, which is strange, as there is only one other site in Eifer and nobody runs those. So she drops a set of combat probes and after the first sweep pulls them in as the weak hit shows it near a nebula, she warps in and sure enough, the Hurricane is gas mining...

I start to ready a ship to engage the hurricane when my associate screams over comms

"There's only a bloody Golem just warped in next to the Hurricane... Same corp!"

Holy shit, things have just brightened up as I shout for the deck crew to ready the Megathron.
I undock with all haste and warp to Eifer gate, waiting for my associate to set up a warp in close enough, but her elation soon turns as the Golem warps away, but not in the direction of a any celestials, she quickly changes tack and warps at range to the radar site, lo and behold the Golem is there, she quickly gets close enough for a warp in, but not close enough to get decloaked by the massive Golem.

I jump in and initiate warp to her position, as soon as I do she moves off, this is going to be close as the Golem is moving and I land just shy of overloaded scram range, a quick pulse of the microwarp drive and I'm in range, I drop sentry drones and move in for the kill.

At point blank range the Golem tank, impressive as it is, stands no chance, it melts under the furious assault, the Golem violently rocks as fuel and atmosphere escape through the massive holes torn out of her hull, a final volley igniting both them and the hold of missiles, a bright flash lights the sky of Eifer, the Golem just another wreck in the vast universe.

Bellatrix Torha > i just hate that game. u can't just get online after such a long time and have fun :-(

The loot fairy smiles upon me, a rather flash shield booster, which will more than make up for my loss to a trap a few nights ago.


Anonymous said...

What the hell was it going to do in the Radar site without a codebreaker?

Anonymous said...

*Same commenter as above*

Followed the kill link to your KB and looked around. That was a very old Taranis you lost last month. I still have a Navy Vexor with triple large trimarks. Because it is faction I've held on to it hoping that some day it will be worth selling.

Kane Rizzel said...

There was a third ship, a Probe, which was doing the scanning and code breaking I imagine, but was of little consequence cause I went all OOH SHINY :)

Spectre said...

Man the Mega is still a sexy looking ship. I love that thing.