Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Pie haters and the love for ECM

Last night saw a rag tag bunch engage Capital Storm pilots in Gusandall, our home system.
Our ship compliment of Hyperion, Brutix, Hurricane, Rapier and Rupture versus Raven, Maelstrom, Basilisk, Hound and Falcon.

Primary was the Basilisk as the tanking capabilities of the Maelstrom and Raven are boosted massively by the logistics ship. Hopefully we would be able to drop it before the Falcon came into play with it's myriad of Electronic Counter Measures. We were succesful in dropping the Basilisk, in doing so losing a Brutix. Primary was shifted towards the Raven and our remaining ships closed in.

Getting the Raven down to half shields as the Falcon uncloaked and started to get cycles on us, effectively removing us from the fight and forcing us to disengage.

Two of us had gotten close to the Falcon to force him to cloak but in doing so had spread out and diluted our firepower on the primary. we made the mistake of all trying to get back in on primary, allowing the Falcon to uncloak and start cycling its jammers again.

With us unable to lock targets the order was given to disengage, which we all did.

The duration of the fight lasted for about 10 minutes with both sides losing only one ship, disappointing to say the least.

Sitting in my bunk, watching the video feed from the engagement reinforces my hate of EWar.
Sure it's a viable tactic but I feel it's too easy. The Falcon is a massive force multiplyer and I'm wracking my Sibby brain to come up with counter measures. I just don't like the fact that one ship can effectively nullify multiple ships in a fight. It's even more potent in small gang engagements like we find ourselves in.

One which we have been succesful with is forcing the Falcon to disengage by getting on top of it and forcing drone aggro, unfortunately to do this means diluting firepower. Using dedicated means to force the Falcon to disengage has the same result.
Of course bringing our own ECM to the fight just means we perpetuate the stupidity and is something I'm loathe to do.

Personally I prefer a stand up fight, guns blazing but I must give props to Capital Storm, a good bunch of pilots, sure they are Anti Pie, but are amongst the better Pie haters I've fought against.
Zero smack and respect at the end of a fight.
Props too to Deltauk1, the Falcon pilot, his skills are keeping me awake at night trying to figure out a way to effectively remove him from any future engagements.
I'll get you... and you're little Falcon too ;)

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