Monday, 19 May 2008

A frig in time

Mal: "Well they tell you: never hit a man with a closed fist. But it is, on occasion, hilarious."

Yvaine Bellatrix > if only goons and Kane could be friends, then together they could rule the galaxy as father and goon :P

That damn Raven got away, came out of warp over 50 clicks away. The Vexor however was closer and I engaged. Lock, disrupt, guns and drones. The Vexor melts under fire from my Sleipnir as the Raven warps out to safety.

Mission busting is something I really enjoy and is a team effort. Normally Keira would be doing the probing but she has taken her Command role in her stride, flying a Claymore commandship with skirmish gang and mindlink, giving me more speed and greater tackling range, something which aids in Piracy and helps me lock down targets. We have a new Covops pilot in our little team, not in NovaKane proper but an affiliated corp, her skills far outstrip Keira's and she is able to pinpoint targets with greater accuracy and in shorter time. Her name for now will remain a secret as she doesn't want to be named in this blog and also as not to tip off any potential targets.

The loot from the Vexor was poor but Keira warped into the mission plex and finished off the last rat, which dropped a +4 intelligence implant, very surprising and something which will turn a tidy profit in Rens. I cursed the Raven getting away but I can't kill everything.

Earlier than the Raven/Vexor mission jack I did catch a Kestrel running the 2/10 plex, warped in on him in the third room as he was finishing up, not yet able to scoop the loot from the overseers station, a full set of Gistii B-type mods mine for the taking.

Snake Boy > Kane doesn't look, he already KNOWS

I awoke today with a slight headache, something which I experience frequently and have learned to live with. I take a handful of painkillers with some Quafe and take a look around the hangar, a Dramiel Angel faction frigate catches my eye, it's sleek lines paint a beautiful silhouette in the low light of the hangar, it's not the best frigate I have ever flown but it sure is the best looking so I get setup in my pod and plug in. I always enjoy undocking, the unnatural light of stations giving way to the majesty of space, lit by a single star, the light shimmering off the angles of the Dramiel, I hit warp towards Eifer, time for some random violence.

Eifer is a violent system, it borders on high security Empire and has no station, lots of asteroid belts and is home to a bunch of crazy pirates who live next door, it's the first stop for many of the Evannater residents on any hunt and can be very profitable. Sometimes profit takes a back seat though and violence ensues for the sake of violence, exactly what I was here for. One other Pirate in system was flying a Vagabond heavy assault cruiser, a marvel of Minmatar engineering, very fast and very, very dangerous. This particular Pirate didn't worry me as he's a friend, one of the many I've made in my time. We exchanged greetings in a private Intel channel and kept to ourselves, both out for the pleasure of a solo hunt.

I spotted a Rifter below me in a belt from my scan safe and warped in 30 clicks above him, reason being I didn't want to warp into web range, a place where the fragile Dramiel would be very vulnerable as it relies on speed to minimise any and all damage. Exiting warp I saw the Rifter in the belt engaging Angel Cartel frigates and I locked and warp disrupted, settled into a nice comfortable orbit and opened up with the three tech 2 missile launchers and two autocannons. The Dramiel like all other Angel faction frigates having a split weapons system and strange bonuses. My orbit was large enough to negate any fire from the Rifter with my speed keeping me ahead of his tracking, my disruptor doing its job as intended, the shields of the Rifter being peeled away. This is where the fight gets interesting, an Ishtar heavy assault cruiser uncloaked a mere 20km above the belt and engaged me, launching a flight of warrior II drones and setting them on me. I took this as my cue to MWD in a straight line away from them and keep my distance, using my speed to make sure they didn't catch me and tear me apart. The Rifter strangely didn't warp out even as the Vagabond pilot entered the fray. Muhaar's timing as always impeccable. The Ishtar pilot now had a choice, he could try and take me out or get eaten up by the two of us and he chose to cloak and get out of dodge leaving the Rifter to pay for the mistake of hanging around. The Dramiel and Vagabond slight overkill but a kill none the less.

Ten minutes later and I caught a Slasher in a belt, it melted so quickly I was lucky to check my velocity and stay in range to snag the pod. Local was getting more interesting with an Anti Pirate blob swarming in from their High Security Empire haven. I warped to a safespot and waited out my Global Criminal Countdown not wanting to give them an easy kill. Once the GCC was up and I wasn't at risk of drawing sentry fire at the stargates I went back to Gusandall to sort through the loot, all of which was poor.

Almost an hour later and I hear Keira over our internal comms net, she reports a Stabber cruiser and Catalyst destroyer possibly ratting, I boarded my Jaguar and undocked, warped to a central scan safe and proceeded to sweep the asteroid belts. The pair weren't in any of the belts and weren't near a planet so I opened up my on board probe and scanned for Cosmic Anomalies, suspecting they might be inside one of them. I warped to my first hit, lo and behold, there they were, Stabber primaried and engaged, Catalyst warps out but the Stabber is going nowhere as my warp scrambler has him pinned down, I get in close and web for good measure, making sure he doesn't run as the Stabber can achieve some amazing speeds. This cruiser however didn't last long and exploded in a blinding flash which illuminated the night sky of Gusandall, my targeting systems quick to lock the pod, warp scrambler trapping it and my guns doing the rest. Some respectable loot and a bit of hate mail made the kill worth it.

I would later destroy a Rifter trying to run the 2/10 plex and caught a Breacher at a planet after he warped out of the belt I tracked him down to, both corpses now residing in "The Morgue"

Kill of the day was a strange one indeed. There was a Crow interceptor in Gus local and he was doing his thing so I decided to play a little game I like to call Dead Interceptor. I undocked and warped to the 2/10 plex Acceleration Gate, a place where the energy given off by the gate interferes with MWDs, not something I'm too worried about as I have an afterburner fitted. I was counting on the Crow pilot not being aware of this and as is the case so many times I was right, the lure of a lone Jaguar too much for him to resist. He warped in, landing right on top of the gate, me just over 10 clicks off as I didn't want to get jumped by the other ships in system which included at least a Cerberus. The Crow however started moving towards me, locked me and aggressed, three Bloodclaw missiles slamming into my Jaguar. My lock had resolved, tackling systems overheated and waiting for him to come into range, which he did, right at me in fact. Warp scrambler active, Stasis Web active and a Crow in deep, deep trouble. The fragile nature of the Crow and the fact it uses speed to minimise damage nullified by my web and the cosmic interference from the ancient acceleration gate leading to its inevitable death. The Crow disintegrated very quickly, the pilot probably wondering why he was so stupid, a mad grin across my face as my systems lock onto his escape pod and send him home via Clone Vat Express™
One of the most satisfying kills in a long time, always good to outsmart a target, using local knowledge and that of the ships they are flying against them.
Keira was at the ready to activate her Skirmish mods on the Claymore to give me extra speed and range on the web had I needed it and I think she was kind of disappointed the Crow died so quickly and wasn't needed.

I docked up, only to be called later by flashfresh saying that the Myrmidon pilot from a week back is in Eifer and in a Hurricane, the gank was on as a few other pilots expressed interest in a kill but it all fizzled out as he entered Gusandall, warped to the station and docked. I took a few shots at him when he undocked but the docking game that is so in vogue took precedence over a fight, even with me drawing sentry fire.

I docked up for the night, my headache seemingly getting worse and a throbbing in my right hand from earlier in the day when I took some aggression out on a punching bag. I take another handful of painkillers, these slightly stronger than earlier, well, actually a lot stronger. The numb takes over my body in short time.

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