Saturday, 31 May 2008

Apparently I Succ

Mal: "Well this is one of the crazier things I've heard today and when I tell you about the rest of my day, you'll appreciate..."

I had big things planned for last night but it kinda fell through so it was down to the usual suspects, flashfresh in his Republic Fleet Firetail and me in my Succubus. The evening started off slowly until flash reported tracking a ratting Stabber in a belt, he had laid down the tackle and I was enroute with a few other residents of a shared intel channel. Once we arrived the Stabber didn't stand much of a chance but .

Space does strange things to peoples minds

Reports filtered in of a POS being set up in an adjacent system with a Chimaera carrier for support. There was a Brutix and Prophecy with the carrier and we hastily tried to setup an ambush before the shields went up but were slightly too slow. The two battlecruisers however made a fatal mistake, they thought it was safe enough to start ratting in the system and the time had come for us to see what they were made of. They were tracked to a belt and the order to jump in and engage was given, however as we burst out of warp they warped out, we started to track them and warped to different belts but strangely enough they went back to the original belt. So off we went, warping into the belt, flash assigning tackle targets and primary, Brutix was it. It went down very quickly and focus shifted to the Prophecy, a Blackbird from the same corp had warped in at 50 clicks and as soon as the Prophecy had disintegrated all speed was made towards him but he warped out just as the Carrier warped into the belt. We didn't have the firepower to engage the Chimaera so it was left to look at the empty wrecks of his corpmates.
A strange engagement and even stranger fittings.

I Succ

Later on Waycharles had jumped into a Succubus too and we heard of a Typhoon ratting nearby, we made our way to the system, 4 frigates, a Phobos and a Cerberus. Once in position it looked like a Brutix and Thorax had the same idea, they were engaging the Typhoon in the belt. We all jumped in, the Typhoon primary but the Brutix and Thorax warped out as soon as we entered the fray. The Typhoon's tank was very impressive and our gang weren't making much impact, I had to warp out a few times as the Phoon's cruise missiles were tearing massive chunks out of my shields. I must give credit where credit is due, Maximus Vash did a good job of chasing us off and somehow we lost tackle and he warped off. The smack in local however after was rather pathetic though, especially from the Brutix and Thorax pilot from the safety of he station. Apparently our "Blob" of four frigates and HAC and HIC was too much for them.
Rest assured though Vash, I will continue to kill your corp mates, I'm 11-0 against you lot and it's only going to get tougher for your corp, you have some Pirates annoyed.

Welp, here I am

In Eifer I was tracking a Rupture and Rifter duo, I warped in on the Rupture and engaged, his Rifter friend warped in and I switched focus on the fast tackler, it popped very quickly. I pulsed my MWD to reassess and determine engagement distance when I lost tackle on the Rupture and it warped out. I then offered a 1v1 against him, me in my Succubus. He agreed and set up gang so I could warp to a safespot of his choosing. It was a good fight but I lost the Succubus. I warped my escape pod out and exchanged "good fight" in local.

I really like the Succubus, a fun little ship and packs a punch, I'll definitely be getting another but will fly it slightly smarter. It was getting late/early, 0700 and I was starting to see weird things, so I docked up and headed straight for my bunk, I fell into it and the warm embrace of sleep welcomed me.

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