Monday, 2 June 2008

Scrapheap Challenge Ganknight 10.5

Mal: "Oh! That was bracing. They don't like it when you shoot at them. I worked that out myself."

Saturday was some great fun, I had initially planned to go out drinking but a migraine cut that plan short so I took some painkillers and settled in for the night, of course by settling in I mean I grabbed a Sabre interdictor and headed for Bosboger where I would be meeting up with about 60 mental patients in destroyers.

Scrapheap Challenge was initially a Minmatar community but now caters for all races but on occasion plan events like Ganknight and Frigates of Fury. Saturday just happened to be destroyer night and so it was I decided on the Sabre as we would be heading into nullsec space for shits and giggles.

The Ganknights work on a simple principle, NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) so woe betide any who falls out of gang as they'll end up being a statistic. There were members from many different corps and alliances, many of which who are red to each other but for a few hours were all on the same side, that of the gank.

After some initial trouble in finding an FC, Dinique stepped up to the plate then the decision on where we would go was next on the agenda. After much deliberation, Syndicate was the target region and navigation coordinates were programmed into the nav systems of the assembled fleet and off we went. For us -10 Pirates we would have to take a slightly longer route before meeting up with the rest of the fleet in Haroulle.

There were some casualties early on as members dropped from gang only to warp in and be vapourised, there was even some fun as Sarmaul was booted from gang and exterminated as he appeared on our overviews. This was of course after a Huzzah carrier piloted by Jags undocked and redocked ASAP as he saw his overview filled with ships. Kill of the night had to be a Scrapheap members Sacrilege that exploded in under two seconds and he was podded with a full set of High Grade Snake implants, he wasn't part of Ganknight so was a target, simple as.

All in alll the night was a massive success, 20 odd kills and a fair few losses, mostly at the hand of The Monkeysphere who just happened to be in gang with us but made a fitting end to the night.

Yours truly made it onto 15 killmails and only barely made it out with 33% armour after landing right on top of Monkey's Discophoon. I also got to fly with an old corp mate again, was good to be in fleet with you Steve Dave.

It's quite amazing what 60 destroyers can accomplish when in the hands of mentally retarded monkeys frothing at the mouth :D

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Mynxee said...

Siiiigh. I miss the Yarrrrr. Great post...sounds like it was loads of fun. Syndicate is just like the Wild Wild West. It's addicting, that place.