Thursday, 5 June 2008

Stupid is as stupid does

I'm not best pleased with myself right now, made a stupid mistake and paid the price.

I had spotted a regular plex runner in system, his Hawk sitting on the gate and this should have been my first clue as he never did that, in fact he barely stays in system if he spots me about but I had one thing on my mind and that was a kill. I warped in and there he was, I locked and engaged.
My "Admiral Akbar Sense" should have been tingling off the hook but noooooo, I was under the red mist and it all became clear as an Ishtar warped in and engaged me.

Well executed trap on their part and I desperately tried to at least kill the Hawk before I exploded but to no avail, my trusty Jaguar crumpling under the assault of the Ishtar's Hobgoblin IIs. I spammed warp to get my escape pod out but something weird happened that I can't explain and nothing happened, I just sat there as I was locked by the Ishtar and sent home via the Clone Vat Express™. Not something I'm used to any more and very jarring, I already have a massive headache as it's not a very nice process.

I lost not only the Jaguar but some very nice implants (which have already been replaced) but I also took a bit of a hit to my ego. I was due something like this to be honest, I've had a good run recently and these things are bound to happen. I'm tired, have a headache and will make plans to replace the Jaguar tomorrow, for now I'm going to slump into my bunk and try to forget this whole episode.


Tevyar said...

Hey Kane.

I've been enjoying your blog for awhile now.

I'm also trying to make a business out of supplying tech2 and faction gear to those in need that can't come into empire space.

If you can't get what you need elsewhere, let me know and I'll try to get you set up.

-- Tevyar

Flashfresh said...

Great write up Kane and you and Jubes are probably two reasons why Gus and Eifer are so, er, 'busy'.

It had to happen but sorry to hear about the PK. At least it's quicker than docking eh? Well, that's what I say to myself.