Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Violence isn't the answer, it's the question... and the answer is Yes

This isn't life in the fast lane, it's life in the oncoming traffic.

--Terry Pratchett

I've been asked on more than one occasion why I pirate, well the answer is simple, it's just so much damn fun. Killing and looting with scant regard for the law is one of the most rewarding experiences in the universe and as such I wholeheartedly embrace it.

I was having a bad day, same old headache and in desperate need of some sleep. I decided to take out my frustrations on anyone who happened to come to Gusandall and it wasn't long before my first target of opportunity came knocking.

Experience has taught me that new pilots flying anything bigger than a Cruiser will fit a Warp Core Stabiliser on there first outings in lowsec and it was this little nugget that led to my first kill of the night. A Hurricane battlecruiser was spotted en route to a belt, well I just had to roll out the welcome wagon, in the shape of Monstrous Regiment, my Broadsword heavy interdictor.
Systems were active as I had the crew prep a few ships in anticipation for this evenings festivities.

The undock is long and dark and with each passing moment the anticipation builds, some friends are having a fight next door in Eifer but I have a singular mind at this point in time, that Hurricane and it's pilot. Finally, light dawns on the Sword as she undocks into the Gusandall sky, my onboard scanner already working to narrow down my prey, three 90 degree arcs and I had his general direction, only one place he could be so I initiated warp


"Please stay there, please stay there" I said to myself, willing the Hurricane pilot to still be there when I landed. I burst out of warp and it seemed to have worked, the Hurricane was engaging some Angel Cartel frigates. I had landed 3 clicks off his starboard and lock was initiated, Warp Disruption Field Generator was primed, my guns started to spin up.

Lock resolves and all systems kick in as they are intended, Hurricane locks back and opens up, the Broadsword's immense shield systems barely registering any damage but the Hurricane is feeling the pain. My 220s tearing shreds of it's armour away as it desperately tries to align and warp out but there's no escape, an infinite warp disruption point making sure of that, a Stasis Web slowing him down to a crawl.

I must admit I almost called for help in a local Pirate Intel channel as wasn't sure I had the firepower to take him down but that thought vanished along with the rest of my prey's structure, a mighty fine explosion and it made my day that little bit brighter. The unfortunate pilot was naturally podded for my efforts and the trophy scooped. My suspicion of a warp core stabiliser confirmed by the killmail.

Next up was a combo meal, a Jaguar and Rifter had been spotted near one of my favourite hunting grounds, the local 2/10 Angel complex. Mmm, time for some Jaguar action so I boarded Kittie and went to work. I burst out of warp on top of the gate, as I knew I would, the Rifter and Jaguar sitting in wait, not sure if it was a Admiral Akbar moment as I'd never seen or killed either pilot before but I was lit up by both pilots. Jaguar was primary, a more than even match for me, warp scrambled and webbed my guns spun up, my rocket launcher spewing forth some Caldari Navy goodness. I then noticed I had the wrong ammo loaded, my Barrage rounds not best suited for taking out the Jaguars formidable shield systems but it didn't matter as they were failing fast. I was soaking up some good damage but my shields were holding against the onslaught of my two opponents. Once through the Jag's shields it melted very quickly, my attention now turning to the Rifter who to his credit stayed to the end.

Next on the menu was a Rifter, so I grabbed my own Rifter and started to track him, chasing him through the belts a few times until I anticipated his next warp and got there just before he did. I locked and engaged, he did the same, a Small Nosferatu energy vampire reached out and touched me, slowly draining my capacitor but it didn't matter, he was totally outmatched in this fight but took his loss well.

Later on I would warp in on a Stabber engaging a Rifter. I engaged the Stabber and started to do what Kane does. He set a Hobgoblin II on me so I locked it as is my way and went in for the kill but he withdrew the small drone and warped out :(
Oh well, I guess I can't kill them all.

A good night really, never left my home system, got some kills, ruined some people's day and generally enjoyed myself. What more could a Pirate ask for?

Well there are a few things but that would probably get this blog censored ;)


Mynxee said...

Mmmmm...sounds yummy. You're making me hungry.

Joanaz said...

Well glad to put some hapyiness in you day.
But most of the hard fight you tell about was done while i was afk tending to my baby...