Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Duel

Lancre operated on the feudal system, which was to say, everyone feuded all the time and handed on the fight to their descendants.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum)

An interesting evening in which no-one would engage in random acts of hostility*, various gangs of varying sizes up and down New Eden being reported in a variety of intel channels.

A few of the Rizzel clan were off doing other ventures, whilst I and an associate made life more interesting for some folks trying to run an anomaly in Eifer, unfortunately I wasn't able to make it at all interesting as I always seemed to be just out of range as they warped in.

One particular gang caught my eye, three Cynabals, a Loki and a Curse. They flew through Gusandall and left just as myself in a Bhaalgorn and a few other of the locals got together to play host. Unfortunately my character was called into question as I had kindly asked them to come to station to fight.

They all left to high sec space and as I was sitting on the gate in my Ghetto Bhaalgorn, the Loki jumped back in and warped to the station.

With nothing to lose, I offer the Loki pilot a duel against my Stabber Fleet Issue.

With slight hesitation he agrees, after the locals agree to stay out of it of course. I offer my usual terms, for him to form gang and choose safespot, but he chooses to fight at Planet V and advertises it in local. This of course got my Admiral Akbar senses tingling but I had plenty of friends in local who would treat a violation of a 1v1 very seriously.

He doesn't have a point fitted as he asks in local if anyone has one. Voodoo is kind enough to give him one, as he's afraid I might try and run, he obviously doesn't know me.

I'm waiting at planet V as he warps in 50 clicks away. I do the usual Lame Kane™ as I hit my MWD but only at 50% thrust to close the distance. At 30km I'm webbed and pointed.

MWD Overheated, 100% thrust.
Webs overheated, go green.
Scram overheated, go green

The gap closes quicker than he expects with him now firmly between my crosshairs.

Guns, go green.
Warriors are a go.

With Flubber now face to face with the Loki, things go downhill for him, he deploys a flight of ec-300 drones, properly shitting himself as his Loki is about to die but they don't get a jam off as he explodes.


'Good fight' is shared in local as he warps his pod out, the duel honoured by both parties and a smile across my face as I scoop the loot.

*not entirely true as I'm always hostile at random


Miura Bull said...


I've never used ECM drones once and never will. The whole concept of them just seems to beam a super-chicken-reverse-gear mentality.

I'd sooner see my ship blow up in a glorious fireball than advertise to everyone that I'm a coward :)


Anonymous said...

very nice :D


Flashfresh said...

Great post Kane and nice kill. Am sure these chaps will be back for more...



Panthe Tek said...

Congrats on the EC-300 which refused to work against the mighty Rizzel! (and on the Domination Web)

Good thing they didn't work just when you fought a mighty Loki ... this day, life must have been especially good.

Nashh Kadavr said...