Monday, 24 December 2012

Do you mind, I'm trying to mine here...

Quote #101.

"There is nothing that can be in our way, for this is Jekub, that Laughs at Barriers, and says brrm-brrm."

-- From the Book Of Nome, Jekub, Chap. 3, v. V
(Terry Pratchett, Diggers) 

My new occupation has not met with great success, every damn time I try to mine some bastard tries to shoot me, so instead of rocks, I have to mine hulls. Now somebody said that this is salvaging, but I don't even have that skill.
I've decided to name and shame the horrible people who keep intefering with my peaceful mining operation:

A combat Venture, very sneaky, using a mining ship as a disuise

This guy just kept trying to bump me

Arty Rifter of Poo

Herp Derp indeed

Other miners are rude and try to mine my rocks

This guy was fueling a POS that disturbed the rocks in the nearby belt.

Not sure what he was doing but it disturbed my calm

 This... Turned into this... And This, after I went back for a combat vessel, the mighty Caracal war bird.

Yet another greedy miner who wouldn't share the astroid.

So as you can see, my mining career is having some teething problems, if only people would just let me mine in peace...

Ship Kills
Venture Venture

I was told mining is a peaceful and relaxing occupation, the hum of the mining lasers able to soothe and calm...

Editor's note: The Stiletto adventure had Kane in stitches of laughter for a good fifteen minutes, so much so he almost lost the Caracal.

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