Friday, 1 March 2013

May your skies always be clear...

It was the sort of thing you expected in the Street of Alchemists. The neighbours *preferred* explosions, which were at least identifiable and soon over. They were better than the smells, which crept up on you.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures) 

Take on a death-trap job... Story of my life. A little something to celebrate my return and reminisce about the good ole days


What are y'all thought on me taking on an apprentice?
A wing man... or woman who seeks adventure and giggles. Would need to be someone who is self sufficient and independent enough to do their own thing but then fly side by side with someone quite clearly with no regard for his or anybody else's safety.

Just a thought.

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Kalaratiri said...

I think in this age of gangs (and particularly nano-gangs), any sharing of knowledge to do with solo pvp is a good thing.