Thursday, 13 February 2014


"What sort of person," said Salzella patiently, "sits down and *writes* a maniacal laugh? And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head. Opera can do that to a man."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade) 

A nullsec evacuation occurred last night, a somewhat tense affair all be told, I was tired after a long days hunting, a successful day but there's always a chance for one last kill.
It so happened that a wormhole in Ingunn led to the nullsec region of Stain, deep, very deep in nullsec, 60 jumps as the crow flies.
My reason for going in was a Raven appeared on scan and then cloaked, so I was waiting him out. An hour or so passes and the wormhole disappears off my overview.

OH DEAR... Kane has gotten himself into a right old pickle.

The Cloaked Raven reports my whereabouts in the local comms channel but realises his mistake and most likely reports me in his appropriate intel channel, which of course would make things only a little more challenging. So I set about making my way home in my Astero, an uneventful trip, keeping an eye on local, scanning gates for bubble camps, not warping directly to the outbound gate, everything I have learnt in my years of flying through the universe put into practice just to get home.

I remember a good few years back, when still living in Curse with  with my corp Ars Caelestis and Huzzah Federation that I scouted a lot in my Rifter and the childish remarks whenever you'd mention jumping into MY-WIV on a roam.

Some of those systems are big, but being Elite makes it easy

This song encapsulates what being a capsuleer means to me, it perfectly represents a day in my life

Before that little detour through the universe I was treated to this charming conversation after violencing a certain boat doing a mission in Eifer.

At first in the local comms channel:

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Eifer
Wraithguardstar > AHHHH come on man
Wraithguardstar > just missioning
Kane Rizzel > just pirating
Wraithguardstar > Sadface
Wraithguardstar > really very unnessacery

But soon after a private chat

Kane Rizzel > sup?
Wraithguardstar > so, is threally all that profitable?
Kane Rizzel > yes it is
Wraithguardstar > it can't possibly be as profitable to blow up ships as ransoming
Kane Rizzel > I ransom pods normally
Kane Rizzel > but all loot is worth something
Kane Rizzel > plus it costs me nothing so technically it's all profit
Wraithguardstar > well, how much did you actually just make ruining my day?
Kane Rizzel > I'm ridiculously good at what I do
Kane Rizzel > 28mil in loot
Wraithguardstar > ok, so, you couldn't have just demanded 50mil and left?
Wraithguardstar > i run doofy missions
Wraithguardstar > it's not that deep
Kane Rizzel > dude, this is lowsec
Wraithguardstar > dude, i know.   it's whatever you make it
Kane Rizzel > and I choose to kill doofy mission runners
Wraithguardstar > i'm telling you, you would have made more money, and had less hate in the world, by just jumping in, scrambling, and ransoming
Wraithguardstar > so
Wraithguardstar > you lost about 80 mil right there
Wraithguardstar > i lost more
Wraithguardstar > but you lost about 80 mil
Kane Rizzel > sometimes the killmail and convos like this are worth so much more :)
Wraithguardstar > nah kiddo, they're really not
Wraithguardstar > i'm actually getting my dick sucked while we do this.   what are you doing?  << Oh yes, he went there
Kane Rizzel > ohshit, gotta go, my mom told me to get out the basement
Wraithguardstar > oh no no.  don't misunderstand
Wraithguardstar > i'm saying, we all could have a much better, more profitable time
Wraithguardstar > just think about it.   we could have been pals.  maybe not everybody you've ever jumped.  but some.

 A charming fella :)
Another bit of chat colour gifted to me after this little act of Piracy 

Kane Rizzel > sup
Tjundis Laaksonen > Seriously, fuck you
Tjundis Laaksonen > that is all
Kane Rizzel > thanks :)

Michael Harari > i think you should start styling yourself as Saint Kane of Scramblers

Michael Harari > and then tell people to go forth and warp core stab no more

February 13 is now St Kane's day, buy your Saint something 

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Foo said...

I am not a pirate. But seriously if these guys want safe they should head to 0.9 space