Monday, 18 February 2008

Getting back in the saddle...

The loss of "The Fifth Elephant" plays over and over in my mind. There's so many things I wish I could have done differently but I rest easy in the knowledge that she has been replaced, a new "The Fifth Elephant" sits ready in my hangar.

Pushing back the analysis of my mistakes I board "The Last Continent" a Republic Fleet Firetail, a mistake by Keira whilst out shopping one night. I was looking to do a spot of solo hunting and headed out to my favourite haunt. I was to be sorely disappointed as Eifer was devoid of anything important. There was a Hound in the belts but it was hiding using its cloak.

A fair few minutes past and I received a call from a friend, Viper Sam asked if I'd like to go roaming. I agreed, I needed action and playing hide and go seek with a Hound wasn't it.
I headed home to get "Karma" the second iteration of a very succesful Hurricane battlecruiser.
We went on our merry with very little being reported by our scout. We did eventually trip over a Raven who jumped into us and we snagged the pod for good measure. I love the sound that a pod makes when it pops, it's addictive.

We carried on our merry way and eventually got some action in Bosena, we engaged a Hyperion on the station but he docked as his tank broke, we then moved around system as there were two other gangs, one with fast cruisers and interceptors and another with commandships and a Falcon Recon. We engaged the Astarte, Sleipnir, Megathron and Falcon at a planet but lost our Falcon and the one of our Hurricanes, this effectively took the rest of us out the fight so we disengaged and warped out to a belt to regroup. I landed in the belt and was joined by the cruiser/interceptor gang, I got a point on a Thorax and vapourised the gank fit cruiser in seconds before the rest of our gang exited warp,, the delightful squish of the pod followed. The Thorax's support left the scene quicker than they arrived.
It was getting late so we headed home, a very uneventful night.

Sitting in station intel arrived of a juicy gang in Eifer, we managed to put together a small gang and go spoil for a fight. We took slightly too long and by the time everyone was ready there was little left of the hostiles as it seemed they went back to highsec, there was a report of a Raven still in system along with some other bits and bobs, they were all at different safes so probing would be needed, Keira was only one jump out and moved in, within seconds of dropping the probe she got a hit and we vectored in on the Raven. It seemd the pilot was asleep at the helm and the mighty battleship's hull crumpled under sustained fire, his pod emergency warped out but Keira was on the case and soon he would wake up in a clone vat.

Heading home we found a Moros dreadnought on our home station and without second thought I engaged, I was bored and looking for some fun, I bumped him and he responded by locking me and webbing me, drones were deployed and started to eat my precious shields away. Karma perished soon after but it's not in my nature to not attack things, even if outmatched.
I just had to give it a go :D

2008.02.19 03:24:00

Victim: Kane Rizzel
Alliance: Derek Knows Us
Corp: NovaKane Incorporated
Destroyed: Hurricane
System: Gusandall
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 31519

Involved parties:

Name: ThatCpp (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.1
Alliance: Brotherhood Of Steel
Corp: Knights Of the Black Sun
Ship: Moros
Weapon: Ion Siege Blaster Cannon I
Damage Done: 31519

Destroyed items:

Gyrostabilizer II, Qty: 2
Corpse (Cargo)
Warp Scrambler II (Cargo)
Core Defence Field Extender I, Qty: 2
Republic Fleet EMP M, Qty: 94
Overdrive Injector System II, Qty: 2
Hobgoblin II, Qty: 2 (Drone Bay)
Medium Unstable Power Fluctuator I, Qty: 2
425mm AutoCannon II, Qty: 2
Hammerhead II (Drone Bay)
Projectile Burst Aerator I

Dropped items:

Nanite Repair Paste, Qty: 500 (Cargo)
Damage Control II
Gyrostabilizer II
Barrage M, Qty: 4801 (Cargo)
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II (Cargo)
Warp Disruptor II
Republic Fleet EMP M, Qty: 188
10MN MicroWarpdrive II
Hobgoblin II, Qty: 2 (Drone Bay)
Hail M, Qty: 3385 (Cargo)
425mm AutoCannon II, Qty: 4
Republic Fleet EMP M, Qty: 3206 (Cargo)
Large Shield Extender II, Qty: 2

All in all a rather disappointing evening 3 kills, 3 pods and 1 loss but I'm sure there will be many more with murder and mayhem.
My bunk looks inviting, it's been a long day, I spent most of it cleaning up around the place.
The dark embrace of sleep surrounds my consciousness, soon dreams will follow

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