Sunday, 3 February 2008

Strange times ahead...

I've been busy playing this game called Real Life™ it's been kicking my ass so I haven't had much time to go out hunting, 3 kills in 3 days, kinda disappointing. One Farmer Raven using Karma, one ratting Bellicose using a Crow and one ratting Rupture using the Republic Fleet Firetail.

Meanwhile the political situation in Gusandall has become a lot more interesting, two corps who were friendly to each other have had a difference of opinion and now are hostile to each other.
I have friends on both sides, although throwing my full support towards one corp will inevitably ostracise the other.

My history with Mean Corp has always been rocky and although I have struck personal relationships with a few of there pilots I have been neutral towards them for a long time. I was red for a long time before that so it's never been the cosiest of friendships. I'm of the opinion to try and keep the personal relationships active but will defend myself if required.

Last night was a perfect example. I had spotted a Vengeance in my local plex and boarded a Wolf class Assault Frigate set up for plex hunting and went to investigate. I arrived at the gate and used the on board scanner to determine if the mark was still in the plex, indeed it was. I activated the gate and was launched through space to the first room of the plex. Coming out of warp my systems took a moment to load and when they did the Vengeance was still busy, I did some quick research on the ship and pilot and found it to be from the Mean fleet, I immediately warped out not in the mood for confrontation of a political nature.

Later on I was in my local haunt in my Republic Fleet Firetail when the same Mean corp pilot entered local, I was in my usual position high above belt 1-1 when he warped in and started to try and close the 400 odd kilometres to my position traveling at a massive 600m/s.
Well, it sure showed determination, I waited and once he had closed to within 150km I started to close in, getting to within 20km he locked me and aggressed, I settled into an 18km orbit and activated my microwarp drive, I returned the lock and fire with my own and quickly had his shields stripped but the Firetail has pathetic DPS and his small armour repairer was easily keeping up, this went on for a few minutes with him incapable of hitting me. Local filled up with a whole bunch of his corpmates who all warped in to his position. Ah well, I was kinda flattered that he felt the need to call for help as Battleships, Battlecruisers, Commandships and Recons all came out of warp.

I just said "Fuck this shit" and bugged out, settling into a 200km orbit around the hostile gang.
What follows is a transcript of the local chat channel:

EVE System > Channel changed to Eifer Local Channel

50freefly > doh

Kane Rizzel > sup 50
50freefly > dont worry kane im not after you just got a call for a firetail
50freefly > unless my corpies in danger i wont shoot at you
Kane Rizzel > no worries mate, looks like mean are hunting me again
50freefly > you just show as neutral
50freefly > always have, dunno why its only started now
Kane Rizzel > always have been as far as I know except the spell I was red
50freefly > yeah, odd...
Kane Rizzel > I'm flattered that all y'all came to help ash against me
50freefly > btw i like the cane
Kane Rizzel > cane is awesome
50freefly > yeah i like your fit too
50freefly > dont like the tank though =\
Muhaar Gemeinian > i just came cause the scanner indicated something of interest :P
Kane Rizzel > sup Muhaar
Muhaar Gemeinian > everyones blue here anyhow
Kane Rizzel > yeah tank is iffy but it kicks the snot out of most things
general dogzbody > hmmm but we are still unsure where your interests lie
Kane Rizzel > my interests are my own
Kane Rizzel > always have been
Jael Thursday > hooray for you
general dogzbody > if we are being shot by fl4g for instance are you really blue ?
general dogzbody > put your ass on the line ?
Kane Rizzel > blue to who, I've never been blue to mean
Kane Rizzel > and your boy ash decided to engage me here
general dogzbody > i know he was wrong
Ashihei > ..thanks for backing me up dogz : P
general dogzbody > Ashihei > i, i shot because he wasnt blue to me
Kane Rizzel > I left him in the plex when he was there
Kane Rizzel > so make up your own minds
general dogzbody > but must have an overview bug or somthing
Kane Rizzel > no opverview bug dude, I've never been blue to you guys
general dogzbody > your blue to me 1 sec
Kane Rizzel > but that's neither here or there
general dogzbody > ahhh on a personal not corp
Kane Rizzel > must be personal standings, Laneth would never set me to blue
50freefly > lol you noob dogz =)
general dogzbody > tricky times atm
Kane Rizzel > tbh dogz, I'm not sure where I stand, I'm friends with both sets of pilots
Kane Rizzel > although my history with mean is rocky
Kane Rizzel > and 've been friends with flash for aa long time
general dogzbody > i understand but if you if your solo you prob be ok but if your running in their gang i dont know
Kane Rizzel > that's the tricky bit
general dogzbody > anyway fly safe o7
Kane Rizzel > good hunting

I was kinda given an ultimatum to choose a side which really annoyed me.
In the end they departed. This whole thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth, I hate politics, one of the many reasons I left 0.0 for lowsec and the life of Piracy.
As a solo Pirate it's very difficult to try and make a living, the friendships I have struck in my time here have made life a lot easier but they have also just made it a heck of a lot more difficult.

A few minutes after this engagement I had tracked down a Rupture in a belt and tackled, 50freefly, a Mean Corp pilot I have befriended came in to help finish off the unfortunate Minny cruiser.

I returned to my Hangar, annoyed, at the situation and my lack of kills.
I am a solo pirate first and foremost, I will defend myself if called upon and I will join my friends in hunting but I will now catgorically state, I will not fight a war for anyone. If this policy offends anyone, well, I'm sorry but I have to look out for myself.

I am Kane Rizzel, I am a Pirate, I'm not in a good mood

Join NovaKane ingame channel if you want to chill out and chat

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Flashfresh said...

Strange times indeed my friend; one should never be forced to choose anything against one's will. You're always an independent operator, ably skirting past all the clumsy political BS. If someone shoots you, shoot back. Ask questions later. Hell, shoot him again. *THEN* ask questions.

Will come on over to your Novokane bar sometime soon. I need to chill as well.