Thursday, 21 February 2008

A Pilgrimage

Tonight I decided I would do something different, I've been meaning to do it for a long time but things have always gotten in the way.
I sat at my desk in the corner of the hangar pouring over star charts, deciding which would be the best route to take. Being an outlaw means that the direct route is not always the best route, I would have to avoid High Security space, the local Navies don't take too kindly to my kind jumping in and it normally means a slow and painful death whilst trying to crawl back to the jump gate.

Now you're probably asking right now "Kane, where the hell are you going?"
well, I'm making the pilgrimage to New Eden and the EVE gate.
108 jump round trip through lowsec, a long way indeed so I would need a ship that warps quick and aligns even quicker to avoid any nasty suprises en route. I looked around the hangar at the ships available, it's scary sometimes the death and destruction available.

I decided on a Crow class Interceptor named "Discworld Tours" it's only a basic fit but would suffice for this journey.
I headed out and there were loads of hostiles about but they were inconsequential to my mission, so I just left them sucking ion trails as I wapred past there blockades, the Crow is a great choice for this kind of trip, light and nimble with a lot of speed.

On my way to New Eden I stopped by The Myridian Strip & The Crystal Cathedral, there are so many sites in EVE that we never see as we are all consumed by the search for power and wealth.
This has just made me more determined to see more of the universe.

I arrived at the New Eden jump gate and with a little bit of hesitancy activated it.
It took a moment for my systems to get there bearings after the jump but once they did I was there, the sight of hundreds of anchored cans greeted me, cans left by others who had made the Pilgrimage and some left in remembrance of fallen comrades.
The EVE gate itself shining brilliantly in the distance is something that inspires awe and respect, this is where our forefathers originally arrived in New Eden, a place where we all come from no matter what bloodline, race or creed.

I was totally alone in the system and for once totally at peace with the universe.
I'm not a spiritual person, but there was something very moving about this place.

I spent about half an hour in system before returning home, a trip well worth taking.
108 jumps really takes it out of you so after getting back I made myself a cup of tea, sat back and relaxed.

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