Monday, 10 March 2008


Been a mixed day for me, I boarded my favourite ship, a Rifter and headed out into the black to see what was about. Heading to my favourite haunt I was hopeful of a good day.

Sitting at a safespot in a central spot as to scan all the belts I spotted a Stilleto interceptor hanging about, I decided I was going to take it on and warped to where the scanner indicated he would be.
Coming out of warp my overview adjusted to the re-emergance into normal space and showed the Interceptor about 80km out. Now I know from experience that the Stilleto is fast and I would need to web it to do any damage but I also knew that it would need to come into web range to do any damage to me.

I rolled the dice and started to close the distance, my overview showed the Stilleto pilot activated his MWD and accelerated to over 5km/s, he closed very quickly and settled into a 15km orbit, I started to move in straight lines, activating my own mwd and hitting over 2km/s which started to elipse the orbit of the fast interceptor, he was going in and out of web range but too fast for me to catch a hold of him.
I did have an ace in the hole though and I was going to use it but my overview started to light up as the Interceptors friends dropped out of warp, a Vexor, a Rifter and a Punisher. Damn, this was going to be tricky but I laid my cards on the table and overheated my web, snaring the nimble interceptor and my guns started doing massive damage to the fragile craft, however his friends were on top of me now and under sustained fire I lost my rifter, one more salvo from me would have ended the Stilleto's evening but the Vexor's Hobgoblin IIs and combined firepower from two frigates and the Stilleto changed those plans.
I warped my pod out and exchanged a bitter GF in local, I wasn't happy but wasn't going to resort to smack. An epic fight that traversed over 100km was ended by party crashers.

Was the Stilleto pilot wrong to call in his friends? No, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. That fight was stolen from me, I had done everything right, tactical choices were spot on, overloading the web at the critical moment, everything, perfect until I died. Well not really perfect.

I returned home and had my crew setup another Rifter, I headed on out again and saw the little gang leave Eifer back to highsec. A bit later I convoed a Metafarmers pilot in local and asked if he wanted a 1v1, he took it and was a good fight but I will back myself in any Rifter v Rifter fight. He did suprise me in using a NOS but my guns did the job for me. Had a very good convo with him after on tactics/fitting and eventually left back to HQ.

Later on in Gusandall I spotted another Rifter pilot and again offered a 1v1, he accepted and we took the fight to a planet, not the safest spot but I wasn't expecting the fight to last too long. It didn't but again had a good convo with the pilot after and allowed him to collect his belongings from his wreck. I'm not a heartless bastard, especially when pilots show an interest in 1v1 honourable PvP.

Respect to both Rhak Amharr from Metafarmers and Akkrillo from Dread Lords

Later on in the day I contacted my friend Soup Spoon and asked him if he'd like to help me set some new speed records, he obliged and we set three new class records.
Heavy Interdictor
Electronic Attack Ship

Thanks again Soup, your Leadership skills are epic.

I then started chatting to a local called Snake Boy, an up and coming pirate who has been soloing it up in the area, flying in mixed gangs and trying to learn as much as he can. We had a small duel and the outcome was quite predictable but we agreed not to destroy ships and I managed to deactivate my weapons just in time before he popped, we talked for a long while on fittings and tactics before I decided to call it a night. I really enjoy chatting to players who want to learn and am always willing to dispense any advice or knowledge I can. Being a solo pirate is tough and speaking to interesting and interested people always makes the loneliness of space bearable.

Ching Ching

Almost forgot, I tracked a Catalyst to a belt in Gusandall earlier in the day, spotted a Thrasher too and they both seemed experienced pilots so I boarded a Rupture cruiser and zeroed in on his location, he was dispatched with ease and the Thrasher never arrived. The Catalyst did do me the favour of destroying a Domination spawn and left the loot for me to collect. Some faction ammo, some tags, the usual but also a Domination Medium Proton Smartbomb, approximately 10million ISK worth.
Not bad for a few seconds work.

I did get to pop the Thrasher pilot outside the station but I cheated and used a Broadsword for that one :P
Also got a Rifter outside the station later whilst in a Jaguar, was expecting the pilot to undock in a Stilleto but he changed ships, too bad but a kill is a kill

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