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The hangar at home is cold, it's always cold, but I like it that way, keeps you keen, sharpens the senses. I'm sitting on a stack of Republic Fleet EMP shells watching Keira make fun of the deck hands as they load Karma. I should be more specific and say Karma IV . The first Karma had served me well and thinking back on her I'm reminded of her finest moment.

About 3 months ago, a fine Saturday evening, I was hanging around in station talking to some friends when someone got a call, Anti Pirates had been spotted in a system nearby and a fleet was being assembled to go have some fun.

I had a long day at that point checking inventory and making sure Keira didn't get into trouble but the chance for some explosions always makes me happy and woke me up sufficiently to join the party.

I boarded Karma and did a systems check, made sure the deck hands had loaded the correct ammo and undocked. Heading to the gate I was trying to gather as much intel as possible. The anti pirate gang was sizeable, with battleships, battlecruisers and cruisers, with an interceptor thrown in for good measure.

Our fleet consisted of two battleships and seven battlecruisers, six of those the mighty Hurricane class.

With some intial trouble trying to connect to voice comms I eventually found the gang next door trying to bait the anti pies into action. From memory the Anti Pies had:
1x Ares

We initially had:

At this point we had our Abbadon on the station trying to bait their fleet into aggroing, a bit of cat and mouse later and they dropped a Thanatos carrier on us, a quick decision was made and our two Battleship pilots happened to have Archon Carriers in System, a quick dock later they were ready and the decision to engage the enemy carrier came down from the FC.
All hurricanes were ordered to bump the Thanatos , with the carrier now 6km off the station, all guns focused fire, I was duel neuting and shooting with all my drones out, continuosly making bumping runs. The Anti Pie fleet undocked and watched helplessly as we tore the Thanatos apart. We had a decision to make at this point as it entered hull, would we ransom?


My first lowsec carrier kill

While hanging about popping the vultures around the wreck, a Sleipnir undocks and died quicker than you can say "Who's your daddy" under the firepower amassed.

General revelry ensued and amazement that the Anti Pies never even tried to help their carrier.

Going back home and just chilling we get a call from a Vagabond pilot tackling a Munnin in a system one jump out, off we go and engage, Munnin almost down, Myrmidon warps in and starts neuting and NOSsing our Hurricanes , Munnin goes down and then Myrm dies to some epic firepower.


Another of my better days is as follows:

Today was a beautiful day, for the first time in a very long time I had Friday off, so I decided to do a spot of hunting. I undocked a Rifter and immediately saw a Thrasher on scan, appeared to be in a plex. Now plexes don't play nice with MWDs but I needed to move fast, warped to the gate and activated it, warped in and the thrasher was 30km, from me, totally oblivious to my presence I sneaked up on him and activated Disruptor, web and all guns, he died quite quickly and I snapped up his pod for good measure.

Good start I thought as I sat in the plex waiting for my GCC to expire (Rifters don't do well against sentries, don't ask how I know)

Once GCC was up I went next door to Eifer and scanned down a Rifter pilot using the on board scanner, within seconds I was on top of him and made his ship all shiny like and sent him back to the clone vats.

Another GCC wait later and I headed back home to drop off loot and corpses, Sitting in station I receive a report that there is a Megathron camping the station and was asked to join two other pilots in taking him out, I boarded a Gank Hurricane and waited for the signal to undock. It came as the Astarte and Typhoon engaged, I undocked and joined the battle, it was quite intense as the Mega pilot was very experienced, 03 player in a good setup. The Typhoon died mere seconds before the Mega exploded. Unfortunately I missed the pod.

Once more next door I'm in a Rifter and scan out a Thrasher, I warp in and the ship and pod is dispatched without being targeted back o_0 AFK in lowsec, GCC expires and I'm back home

Hanging out in station Keira undocked in her Cheetah covops and warped to a scan spot high above the station, from there she could use the on board scanner to see the whole system, she spied an Enyo and Manticore on the HUD, mmm, in the plex. Knowing they had some good firepower I boarded a Wolf class Assault Frigate and loaded an Afterburner for the Plex, undocked and headed out. I got to the gate and using the on board scanner determined they were still there.
Now or never I said to myself and activated the gate, the Enyo is a good challenge for the Wolf but if the Manticore had range on me it would be over very quickly.
Fortune favors the brave and I had come out of warp right on top of the Manti with Enyo 40km away. Manti was locked and disintegrated under fire, I snapped up the pod for god measure and activated my afterburner towards the Enyo, he had put one Hobgoblin drone on me but I destroyed it without even blinking. Once on top of the Enyo the fight was over in seconds. Missed his pod but you can't have everything. I grabbed the loot, which was very nice and headed home.

Docked up and chatting in over various channels I received intel on a bait ship sitting on a high sec entrance point, said bait ship had been used before by a CVA pilot and the Intel was confirmed that once the bait was taken he would jump in with a Battleship. A hastily assembled gang of myself in a Broadsword, 2 x Hurricanes, a Tempest, an Astarte and a Megathron headed to a gate in the adjacent system, one of our Hurricanes would warp in and spring the trap. Call came over comms and we jumped in and warped in, the trap consisted of a Thorax as bait and a Megathron. We all engaged and the Megathron went down very, very quickly, I had tackled the Thorax too and he went down even quicker with his pod being quickly snagged and popped. Slavers in Heimatar? not on our watch :P

Loot was grabbed as we held the field and those of us with GCC headed to safe spots, the call came in that our Mega pilot had just been engaged on the gate by a Tempest, he was in serious trouble and the gang had separated, urgent “HOLD ON, WE'RE EN ROUTE” went over comm channels as the gang tried to hastily go in and help, all the while I was thinking “This has to be another trap”
most of the gang had come out of warp just as our Megathron popped but revenge was quick and ruthless, the Tempest went down, he was using ECM drones and had our Mega jammed for the entire engagement, I was then next to get the ECM drone loving but they only got one cycle off on me. This time loot was grabbed again and pilots warped to safe spots but unlike last time all stayed in system. Holds were full and the Mega pilot had gone back to his base to grab a Dominix.
Now the hunt peaks, the Domi is grabbing loot and we hear “Guys, Navy Raven on gate, engaging”
Holy shit Faction Battleship, our ships can't enter warp fast enough and the warp to the gate seems to take for fucking ever, finally I come out of warp, 40km away, hit the MWD and headed straight for the Faction ship hoping to get a good bump off, the Domi is doing it's best to bump it from the gate.
I hit the Raven like a fluffy pillow but we are 7km from the gate, I hit the Stasis Web II and open up with all my guns, the rest of the gang joins in and the Raven starts to melt. All this time our gang is under sentry fire but the red mist has descended and nothing but the death of the Faction Raven is on our minds. It pops and a “FUCK YEAH” is heard over comms.
I snap up the pod for good measure and warp out. The gang grabs the loot and decision is made to dock up as we would be getting more attention now that the system is glowing on the map.

Sitting in station Keira shouts out over comms that there's an Incursus and two Kestrels in the plex, so into a Wolf again and off I go, warping in there's a Malediction engaging them, a Pirate I've known for a while and get on well with but he had to warp out as he wasn't able to use his MWD, I targeted the Incursus first and dispatched him quickly, followed by one of the in range Kestrels, while burning towards the last kestrel the pods of the other two hadn't warped out so I locked them and sent them home via clone express. Kestrel flashed into nothingness shortly after followed by his pod.

Later on caught another Rifter in a belt, missed his pod though

I was sitting docked up and watching movies, kinda drained from much carnage when Keira spotted a Claymore sitting 60km off station. I reported this in an Intel channel but there was very little awake. Two other pilots woke up enough to express interest in taking it on, I undocked in my Shield Gank Hurricane and MWD'd towards it, it woke up and started to move at over 2km/s, damn I thought, not going to catch it, just then an Ishtar decloaked just off my port side and started in on me, so I kindly returned the favour and it died oh so quick and even allowed me to pop his pod, I started chasing after the Claymore again and was joined by a Sleipnir and another Hurricane by the time I got him webbed down I was already deep in hull from sentry fire, I had to warp out just as the Claymore popped.

I had docked up to repair when the other Hurricane reported being engaged by a Vagabond, I undocked and saw them on station, MWD goes active and I burn towards the Vaga to bump it off the station, guns go live and dual neuts till I'm in web range, Vaga goes pop.

I'm drained atm but absolutely stoked

So, revised list for the day so far:
2xRifter (Solo)
2xThrasher (Solo)
1xEnyo (Solo)
1xManticore (Solo)
1xNavy Raven
1xIncursus (Solo)
2xKestrel (Solo)
1xIshtar (Solo)

Using Rifter, Wolf, Hurricane and Broadsword

The Ishtar left me a nice Domination Warp Disruptor and loads of t2 drones and mods

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