Sunday, 16 March 2008

A prized kill...

There's few things a pirate hates more than a mark fitting warp core stabilizers, it's so infuriating when you track the prey down, using all your skill to locate his position, you warp in, prime your systems and poof, they just warp out. No skill, just push button and warp.

One such pilot has been annoying me for a while now, flying a Hawk class Assault Frigate and using the plex in my home system without a care in the universe. Today was to be different, or so I thought. I had a 2 point warp scrambler fitted and was waiting for him but first off I had another slippery target present itself, a crafty Rifter pilot who had up till today managed to evade me at every turn.

O0 O0 had been flying around Gus with a Rifter for a while now fitted with an accursed warp core stabiliser and it was today that I would finally tag him, I have recently setup a new plex hunting assault frigate using the Jaguar hull, slightly quicker than the Wolf, lighter and with two extra midslots which make adding additional tackling gear a blessing. I undocked after receiving word that O0 O0 was in the Angel complex, I made my way there and activated the gate. Bursting out of warp I was greeted by the rifter on my overview and I activated all tackling systems, pulsed the after burner to get in range and went to work, the Rifter is no match for the power of the Jaguar and it flashed into nothingness.
My targetting systems were quick to respond and I locked and vapourised the pod for good measure. I was not going to be messing around today, I'm in a strange mood.

Minutes Later he returned in another Rifter and met the same fate, the corpse now residing with it's clone in "The Morgue"

A long while later my mark entered sytem and Keira spotted his Hawk on scanner in the direction of the plex, with all speed I undocked and raced over there, it now becoming second nature. Coming out of warp in the deepspace my targeting systems lit up and locked the Hawk, quite an impressive tank, it was breaking and then my lock broke as he was warping out.
Double You Tea Effffff

Kane Rizzel > lol, two stabs now
romaan > always was =)

Kicking something in my pod in frustration I was woken out of my anger by a new target on my overview, a Rifter had just warped in and paid the price, it was dispatched quite quickly but unlike the Hawk, it fought back and stayed to the end, respect to that pilot, moreso when he returned for another round but met the same fate.

I wasn't done yet and knew the Hawk pilot wanted back in so that he could finish the complex, I docked up and fitted another warp disruptor for a total of 3 points, I wanted that Hawk dead.
Patience was required and soon I was rewarded by Keira reporting he was back, I was out at a safespot and aligned and as Keira reported him warping to the complex gate I warped in, I came out of warp and locked him but before my systems could get a lock the ancient warp gate flung him into the deadspace but I was ready for this and activated the gate a fraction of second later.
I burst out of warp a second after he did and targeted my mark, it resolved and a Warp Disruptor and Warp Scrambler both kicked in... it's on now.
The Hawks tank was impressive for a frigate sized ship but it succumbed to the Republic Fleet EMP rounds and Caldari Navy Gremlin Rockets.

Don't fit stabs, they make pirates angry

The escape pod was targetted and scrambled and I took a moment to reflect before vapourising it and scooping my prize, the corpse making a nice addition to "The Morgue"

Later on I offered a 1v1 Rupture fight to the Rifter pilot who died due to circumstance in the plex and I was suprised to come up against a nano fit and much respect to kerjin
That's my first 1v1 loss in a very long time and first loss in over a week and I'm glad it was in a fight such as this and not blobbed.


Flashfresh said...

Great kill on 00 00. Been tracking him for ages and it's good you got him. Two stabs huh?

As for Kerjin, he's slipped past me, Muhaar, Jubes and Zonk in that nano'ed Ruppie. Bloody fast I can tell you. Ever since Kerjin lost his maelstrom to a friend and Redbad et al. He's downgraded and probably doing much better.

Kane Rizzel said...

Just as a note O0 O0 now fits 3 stabs to his Rifter.

That poor Rifter ;_;

Havohej said...

I hate stabs as well, but sometimes you get lucky... I flipped cans on this corp that had a bunch of people in system, hoping for a cruiser or BC to come chase me as I wanted to push the limits of my new Wolf (I'd just got the thing, fit it, rigged it with the ambits, wanted blood) and THIS comes out...

I was lucky to get the kill, I had 1pt and he had 1 stab...

But to put 2 stabs on a hawk, or worse yet 3 on a Rifter... makes me wanna put 2 T2 2pters on my Stiletto and camp plexes with you guys just to encourage learning and evolution, 'cept I know it wouldn't work. They escape with stabs and feel like they've won.

Anyways, great blog Kane, been reading it for a while now. You, flash and former corpmate Alia Xi are always inspirational =)

Havohej said...

Apparently truncated, that should be ?a=kill_detail&kll_id=129 at the end of that kb url.