Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A mighty fine shindig

A number of religions in Ankh-Morpork still practiced human sacrifice, except that they didn't really need to practice any more because they had got so good at it.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!)

Piracy can sometimes be profitable, and then sometimes, it can just be a whole lot of fun. Today was such a day.

First off, a great test for the mighty Battle Probe, a threesome of consisting of two combat frigates and a high damage destroyer.

I had to do some work for this fight, an astrometrics frigate might be a daunting target so I undocked from Gus station and warped to the 1st belt, hoping one of the two that were outside would follow...

Eventually, follow they did, first the Catalyst lands, I engage, tackled and webbed, holding range, deploying a small fight of drones, my electronic warfare is doing a number on the tracking and range of his guns as the merlin lands, and range dictation becomes a game of cat and mouse as the Merlin closes rather quickly, I switch tackle to the Merlin as I try to get out of range, the Catalyst starts killing my drones.

My small armour repairer catches up as I'm now handily out of range of both ships guns, I deploy some more drones and take care of the Merlin, it explodes violently as the Rifter finally warps in but all attention is now given to the Catalyst as he continues to murder my drones... I shall not stand for this. All weapons overheated as his shields vapourise, his armour melts and his structure buckles, a satisfying explosion rocks the system before I zero in on the Rifter, my last two drones take care of the errant combat frigate.

Kane Rizzel > gf guys
Eva Alleile > yeah gf
The Monopoly Guy > gf

Later on, a Republic Fleet Firetail enters Gusandall, seemingly hunting, but you never know. I start hopping belts, hoping to narrow him down and eventually get a bead on him, he's engaging Angel Cartel frigates some one hundred clicks above the belt, my comrades in imminent danger, I strat to close, under impulse thrust, he starts to close at a quicker pace, his microwarp drive roaring it into battle. Once in range, scrambler and web glow green as I claw range, once settled comfortably I tear him apart, the mighty Battle Probe too much for the Republic Fleet's finest.

Kane Rizzel > gf
Dante Darkly > yeah not really
Kane Rizzel > you lost to a probe
K0rel > ^^
Kane Rizzel > take it like a man
K0rel > lol
Dante Darkly > shoulda expected as much from an older toon
Dante Darkly > i'm three months old i really don't care
Kane Rizzel > I ain't no toon, I'm a Pirate
Dante Darkly > You look like a clown at any rate. gf nice to have maxed drones skills
Kane Rizzel > hail is totally the wrong ammo to be using btw

He leaves Gusandall in his pod, tail between his legs.

Kane Rizzel > He mad he lost to a probe
K0rel > oh he mad

Then the two cruisers, cruising Gusandall with intent. I undock something a little more tempting, a Caracal attack cruiser, to take on another Caracal, and his Stabber attack cruiser friend.

I hop belts for a few minutes, trying to pinpoint them, but they aren't at any celestial, so I carry on hopping before pinpointing the Caracal in belt 1, I warp in at range, the Caracal thirty clicks below me, I close within long point range and engage with all launchers. The Stabber joins the fray and I'm deep into shields as the other Caracal hits armour, which is two volleyed, before a single volley strips his structure and he explodes, but I'm into armour as my cap runs dry, my microwarp drive's thirst too great, the Stabber right on top of me as it is now a dance to the death, him or me.

My Launchers near melting point as my heavy assault missiles strip the shields of the Stabber, his armour and structure vapourise as I hit half armour.

Yet another great little fight, two in one evening, a rare thing as of late but always appreciated.

I leave you with these two kills from yesterday, courtesy of CCP Bettik, who continues to ignore us on the forums. I have taken the tools CCP has given me, twisted them to my own imagination to reap this and this.

23 pages and not even a fuck you.

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Groggolog said...

wut, battle probe clearly too strong, have to try that once i get my missile skills up, seems like a blast.