Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New guy with a future

"Today Is A Good Day For Someone Else To Die!"

-- (Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay)

Kane Rizzel > sup
Kane Rizzel > gf
Pyrath Valkur > Sorry, but I'm a fist timer and thought I might catch you off guard.
Kane Rizzel > always worth a shot :)
Kane Rizzel > no need to be sorry
Pyrath Valkur > That's what I thought. How'd you get such a low sec rating?
Kane Rizzel > you'll do well with an attitude like that :)
Pyrath Valkur > Thanks.
Kane Rizzel > I'm a pirate, I kill others for fun and profit, a low security rating is a consequence, been doing it a long time too
Kane Rizzel > every time you attack a pilot with a sec rating over -5 you get a security hit
Kane Rizzel > if you pod them it's a bigger hit
Pyrath Valkur > Seems like it. I had tried earlier today, but I didn't find anyone worth the kill.
Kane Rizzel > sometimes the kills aren't worth it, but practice makes perfect and you can still have some fun
Pyrath Valkur > Thanks for being cool about murdering me.
Kane Rizzel > hey man, it's not often people attack me, normally they run and I like you, so always worth a chat with cool people
Pyrath Valkur > Yeah man. Welp off to go rebuild my rifter.
Kane Rizzel > good luck and have fun o7
Kane Rizzel > :)

I like folk like this, reminds me of me when I was young :)

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Miura Bull said...

That's like bursting into some ghetto and walking up to the scariest looking old guy in the parking lot, he's stood around the makeshift fire he's made, he has scars on his face, knuckles like sandpaper, a gold tooth ... real battle wounds, you can just tell he knows how to look after himself ... and you jab him in the eye with your fist. You just know it ain't going to end well. A small hole opens up and hell's legion jumps out, welcome to Kane Rizzel's pain game, whupatash!

erm, I think I went a bit overboard on the descriptions. But you get the idea. :)

And I agree. Great attitude!