Thursday, 17 January 2013


 "Kneel and deliver!"
-- Casanunda, the worlds smallest lover turns highwaydwarf
(Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

Just had this dropped on me.

And lost my Caracal

Miss GloomnDoom > die pirat die
K0rel > :(
Miss GloomnDoom > coward lol
K0rel > nope just smart
Miss GloomnDoom > coward
K0rel > ROFL
K0rel > hahahahahahahaha
Elazord85 > CARACAL DOWN
Kane Rizzel > nicely done
K0rel > all for a carcle
Alli Othman > Kill: Kane Rizzel (Caracal) op success
Major JSilva > :smug:
Kane Rizzel > no erebus on mail... FAIL
K0rel > ^^
K0rel > op fail
K0rel > should fit more sebos to ur ebby
K0rel > i dunno why the pilot took the point /web off me tho
pornopelle > got jammed
Elazord85 > hes a baddy, doesnt even know how to fish

Cyno cruisers all over lowsec with PL dropping their toys, take care out there folk.

Add Miss GloomnDoom to your list of cyno bait characters


Anonymous said...

Imagine how bored they must be to drop titans/moms/carriers on cruisers...

I almost pity them.

Dave said...

You should be flatter I suppose.

You are so bad-ass they need four caps to take you down. :)