Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Fed Navy Ogre, Integrated Ogre, Hammerhead, Hobgoblin and Salvager walk into a bar...

Quote #205.

He nodded to the troll which was employed by the Drum as a splatter [footnote: Like a bouncer, but trolls use more force].
-- Nobby takes Carrot for a drink in The Mended Drum
(Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!)

 It's been a better month so far, considering last months disaster where for the first time in my long career as a Pirate I operated at a loss, even 5 billion in loot wasn't enough to cover said losses.

With that I return you to your regular update of Piratey goodness.

The Hunting so far today took in the sites of the area, setting up as is my way, the entire area is scanned and bookmarked, and with that it's only a matter of patrolling and seeing if anybody is foolish enough to venture forth to find fame and glory.

Eifer as always proves to be ground zero and my first catch of the day. A lone Cyclone battle cruiser lingers in system and core probes appear on scan, he's actually probing for something, must be a combat site, so I check my bookmarks and there are none, but the Cyclone goes off scan and leaves system, oh well, moving on, I start my patrol once again.

Minutes later, a birdy whispers in my ear that the Cyclone is back, in the direction of a Data site....

"Are you making fun of me, a Cyclone, data running?"

I head back to Eifer and it does seem to be the case, I focus my remote cameras on the Cyclone and see he has missile launchers fit, so I warp away to a safespot, drop a mobile depot and refit for tank, with a neut for added pressure.

I warp back at range, then warp on top of a can he's busy hacking, I engage with scram and web, deploy drones and settle into a neat orbit. He deploys a flight of tech 2 hammerheads and starts shooting at me, I focus my flight of warriors on his drones to eliminate as much incoming DPS as possible.

Nathaniel Belruld > expensive ship to be pirating in isn't it?

With his drones out the way I'm still taking damage, my speed with an afterburner in a relatively tight orbit not enough to mitigate missile damage, so I start using my repper, overloaded, boosted with a cap charge, I keep it running sporadically, every now and again with an extra hit of ancillary repair, I had recalled my warriors and deployed hobgoblins, they chewed through his shields, nommed through his armour and snacked on his hull, all that was left was a violent explosion.

Kane Rizzel > business is good, what can I say :)
Kane Rizzel > gf

I scoop the loot and head back home to refit to my normal hunter/killer load out.

Later on this afternoon, while on patrol I warped past something odd on the scanner in Hrondmund, a Navy Vexor running a site, must be an anomoly as all the scannable sites in system weren't combat, so I started the process of manually scanning the anomolies until I found him, which of course I did, come on, this is me, I warp in, but he's eighty clicks away, next to a mobile tractor unit, he's almost done with the last wave so closing under cloak would take too long, so I quickly bookmark the mobile tractor and warp towards the sun, I engage warp back to my bookmark and drop cloak just before I land.

My prey is right in front of me as I nearly careen straight into him as I land, warp plasma streaming off my Sisters of Destruction frigate, I haven't refit, I'm full hunter/killer mode, dual scram and propulsion, I engage a tight orbit with MWD rocketing me in a dizzying spin. I lock his drones, a mixed bag, Integrated and Fed Navy Ogres, a single tech 1 hammerhead and hobgoblin and a lonely salvage drone. I quickly decide that the threat they pose is negligible and send my warriors out to play.

At no point does the Navy Vexor aggress, he makes a weak move to escape , almost in vain, but my Sisters of Destruction frigate is up to the task, there will be no escape, no quarter, take everything, give nothing back.

The Navy vessel explodes, raining bits of debris across the my Astro.

I hang about to kill the Mobile Tractor as the stupid thing has stolen the loot, and if there's any stealing to be done it will be done by me.

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Sard Caid said...

MTUs are the best thing ever: I love either starting a fight off deploying one versus a gang, or after having burned through most of an opposing fleet dropping one. They're also cool if you're third partying a fight and trying to pick off support: many gangs won't bother MWDing out the 100km to the MTU to kill it, free loot!