Saturday, 22 March 2014

Eggs in one Anshar

Basically, there were two sides to the world. There was the entire computer games software industry engaged in a tremendous effort to stamp out piracy, and there was Wobbler. Currently, Wobbler was in front.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Only You Can Save Mankind) 

Four words... Well five...

[ 2014.03.22 18:41:11 ] Sasa Basta > Anshar caught in sot
[ 2014.03.22 18:41:14 ] Sasa Basta > SUN
[ 2014.03.22 18:41:20 ] Jonathan Cage > omw
[ 2014.03.22 18:41:25 ] Kane Rizzel > omw
[ 2014.03.22 18:41:25 ] xxx > omw

A mad scramble ensues, I choose something that has a smartbomb to pop the pod, A Hyperion Aliastra Edition and made my way to Sot, the assembled Pirates dropping whatever they were doing for the chance of a juicy kill.

Ransom was offered by the Anshar pilot

[ 2014.03.22 18:43:05 ] EL Brutor > kill , 2 bil offered is too low

I warped to the sun and landed 48km away, I dropped sentries and slowly made my way towards the stricken jump freighter, too far away to effectively apply DPS, will have to look at my choice of Micro Jump Drive for future such endeavours.

It hits hull and the pilot ejects, he is quickly podded because we take this shit seriously. We hold fire as we try to find a jump freighter capable pilot who can help us, with not one of us knowing such a pilot the decision was made for a shiny killmail.

With the wreck of the Anshar glowing brightly so close to the star we find out exactly what happened.

[ 2014.03.22 18:50:30 ] EL Brutor > ibis failed on the cyno, anshar bumped on station, I burned to her, was @ 60 and escaped, but warped to sun
[ 2014.03.22 18:50:46 ] EL Brutor > i just had to burn 100 kms to her

Props to Brutor for the epic tackle and then for his patience splitting all the loot and ISK after

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