Monday, 6 February 2012

Fit for Revenge

It is the fate of all banisters worth sliding down that there is something nasty waiting at the far end.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

After getting Spike out of a tussle with a Thrasher in flames, I spot a Retriever in a belt in Gusandall.

Yes, you read that right... A Retriever... In a belt... In Gusandall.

So I mosey on over and say howdy, he explodes, I scramble the pod and offer terms, to which he doesn't reply, so to the clone vats he goes.

Minutes later he returns in a Cyclone, seemingly after revenge. proving too tempting I warp to the belt and engage, it takes me a while to nibble through his mighty tank but eventually the Cyclone succumbs to my relentless assault. The pod once more scrambled, terms not offered as I know he hasn't had a chance to put new implants in, once more unto the clone vats he returns.

Kane Rizzel > I didn't fit it, I just killed it


Miura Bull said...

GOOD GRIEF! What goes through their minds as they fit these things?

Maelcum Hekard said...

No words can describe that fit.

That's an awfully beautiful boat you've got there Mr. Kane. Good to see it's being put to use.

Teutarch said...

Thanks Kane, Made my lunchbreak, the fit made me lol for sure.

Sard Caid said...

Zenver said...

I'm surprised you killed a thrasher in that. How'd you manage that?