Monday, 27 February 2012

The Threeway

On nights such as these the gods, as has already been pointed out, play games other than chess with the fates of mortals and the thrones of kings. It is important to remember that they always cheat, right up to the end...
-- (Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters)

Harrassing an ISK farmer by making it difficult for him to run the 2/10 plex is a favourite past time of mine, his frustration, my jollies. He doesn't like, me, he doesn't like Keira and her uber links, in fact, I don't think he likes the EVE universe much as he chooses a poor way to venture through it, all cloaks, very little dagger, means I care little for his opinion, or his anonymous comments on my blog.

Anyways, whilst waiting for him to come back and try his hand at running the plex, my associate in Eifer reports a Myrmidon ratting. I recognize the name, the corp and the alliance, not ones to fly alone so I ask about to see if anyone has spotted his corp or alliance mates. Eventually it seems like this fellow is ratting solo, in Eifer... I know right?

I undock the Fifth Elephant™ once again, I'm liking this again, a white knuckle ride of a ship. I enter warp to the Eifer gate just after spotting an Electus Matari pilot warp the same direction in a Hurricane, he jumps through to Eifer, followed by me. The Myrmidon is in the belt closest to the Gusandall gate and as I enter system I see the Hurricane warp to said belt.

I warp at range and land as the Myrmidon goes red, engaging the Electus Matari pilot. Deciding it's a nice day, I light the Myrmidon up, he goes down faster than a choir boy at an Amarr church service. Then it's just me and Karum... He engages me...

Say what? Here I am, being a pillar of society, helping this man out of the goodness of my heart and he shoots at me.

Well, I can't stand for this, stand idly by whilst my good intentions are spat upon, so I lock him up and start shooting.

The shooting is going good, I'm easily able to tank his damage whilst obliterating his shields and armour, things are going well until...

BLACKBIRD! piloted by Ekkeko, for those keeping track

Karum's friend warps in at 100 clicks, lights me up and negates any use of my targeting systems what so ever.

I pop a blue pill, a strong one as I'm going to need it.
First jam cycle is a given, a cap booster charge is consumed, my shield booster repping massive chunks of shield, but it is hungry.

Second jam cycle, another cap 800, I'm smashing the targeting console, hoping, for even the slightest chance. Karums Hurricane is humping The Fifth Elephant™ like a rabid poodle, his warp scrambler and web meaning I'm dead in space, unless I get lucky.

Third jam cycle, this is getting tiresome, there's no chance I can fight back, my drones start taking damage as Karum's Hurricane is in hull and his only chance is to kill off my autonomous damage.

Fourth Jam cycle, another cap 800, more shield reps, more damage being applied by Karum, strangely no energy neutraliser, I'm being hit by... what the fuck are those... Rockets?

Fifth Jam cycle, cap booster 800, shield rep, smashing target button

Sixth jam, cap booster, recall drones, down to three of my brave friends.

Seventh, booster, repping like a Boss, deploy drones.





The Blackbird misses a cycle, lock resolves, Karum has two thirds structure left, guns overloaded, drones aggressed... GOGOGOGOGO!!!

It's a race, despite it's name being associated with a lumbering animal, this was one The Fifth Elephant was destined to win, Karum's hull not able to withstand the ferocious onslaught of sheer ECM hating destruction unleashed upon it.

A very good fight, sentiments shared in local chat.
For all the haters out there, Keira wasn't in system during this fight :P

Took some shots of the Rizzel's in formation, rather shiny if you ask me :)

Edit: It also helps to read this story whilst listening to this song as it was playing during the fight :)


Miura Bull said...

Urgh a Blackbird, this act of aggression, if truth was ever in doubt previously ... just goes to show how the EM pilots actively engage in ugly acts of piracy against good honest folk. Horrible behaviour.



Naoru Kozan said...

Poor scrubs get jealous of boosting alt because they don't got none.

Love the music choice. Marachi El Bronx always brings a smile to my face :)

Heribeck said...

An mmm interesting cain fit on his part,nice tank tho if he was thinking on relying on jam tank he could have gone for alittle more dps.

Great read Kane