Monday, 21 July 2008

It's just a bump to left...

... and then a bump to the riiiiaaaiiight

OK, it's been a slow day, between the blobs and general lethargy I haven't felt up to much but when someone reported a Retriever mining barge slow boating to a gate I had to see what I could do... IN A TARANIS.

I warped to the gate and tried to get a good bump off but he was too close and jumped through, so I followed suit. My systems resolved the next system and I started moving, breaking my jump cloak and waiting for the Retriever to do the same, he waited and so did I, the local intel channel was in raptures as the news of a Retriever spread, it seems to be more of an attraction than any capital ship kill as pilots were spilling out of stations from all directions.

Finally the mining barge dropped cloak and aligned for warp, I hit the MWD and made a bee line straight at him, I braced for impact as my interceptor slammed into him, the crunching sound made me wince and I shook the stars hovering in front of my eyes and tried to refocus. I activated my targeting systems but didn't open fire, the gate sentries would tear me apart, instead I went in to bump again, hoping that someone, anyone would jump through and engage him, thus drawing the aggression from the sentries and allowing me to open up with my blasters.

An Absolution decloaked behind me and I was pleased to see the system comms announce that deathstar had incurred the wrath of the Republic and the sentries opened up on him. That was my cue and I punched my blasters, the barge melted. His escape pod vanished in the blink of an eye as my targeting systems were too quick for him to warp out.

I took that as my cue to leave so I warped out and found a nice quiet spot in system to wait out my Global Criminal Timer, those sentries would play havoc with my Taranis so best to stay out of their way.

Not an epic kill in any way but my bump was flawless, the way it was executed had a sort of fluidity to it, strange that something so jarring could be described as such but was vital in the kill.

I eventually went back to Gus and docked up, stars still floating in front of my eyes from the impacts of ship on ship. A cigarette and a drink my reward.


Ombey said...

Nice write up :) takes an experienced pirate to know how much time they got before the sentries cycle their target!

CrazyKinux said...

...remind to self: never cross path with this murderous maniac!