Monday, 14 July 2008

What a horrible day

Jayne: "She is starting to damage my calm."

Well, day didn't get any better, joined a gang looking to get some Faction Warfare kills but I ended up killing a Deimos and then watching my systems overload as the entirety of the blob warped in so I ended up losing my Sleipnir but not before I managed to kill one more ship whilst my systems were lagged. They even managed to pod me as the system lag was so bad. First time since I was in 0.0 that I've experienced it like this, was most unpleasant.

Then later my hate for ECM was once again reinforced as I lost a Rupture when I tried to engage a Maller and Deimos combo, they uncloaked a Falcon on me and permajammed my cruiser. What would have been an epic fight ruined.

A horrible day and not much to cheer me up, even a mission Raven that was probed out by a friend was too far away and warped out before I closed the distance.

14 kills, 5 losses, no ransoms and a big hit on the wallet, Keira is gonna be pissed.

I need a lie down, two clonings in one day means I have the mother of all migraines, hope these painkillers kick in quickly

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