Monday, 14 July 2008

It's a TRAP!

Wash: "Inara...nice to see her again."

Zoe: (beat) "So...trap?"

Mal: "Trap."

Zoe: "We goin' in?"

Mal: "Ain't but a few hours out."

Wash: (confused) "Yeah, but...remember the part where it's a trap?"

Mal: "If that's the case then Inara's already caught in it. She wouldn't set us up willin'. Might be we get a shot at seein' who's turnin' these wheels. We go in."

Kaylee: "But how can you be sure Inara don't just wanna see you? Sometimes people have feelings. I'm referring here to people."

Mal: "Y'all were watchin', I take it?"

Kaylee: (everyone looks guilty) "Yes."

Mal: "Did you see us fight?"

Kaylee: "No."

Mal: "Trap.

Of course it is but damn I was going to spring it.

One of my favourite plex farmers was in system in his Crow, the last time we fought was an epic 5 minute dogfight so I was up for it again. He had a corp mate in system, probably cloaked in a stealth bomber but I was going in regardless.

I warped to the gate and activated it, checking my scanner to confirm the Crow was still there, affirmative. I burst out of warp with the Crow 45 clicks off my starboard, I made the motions to approach, he locked and engaged and the stealth bomber uncloaked, just as predicted, a Hound. I changed course and headed straight for him, my shields being stripped away by the cruise missiles, he was 52 clicks away and it was a race to get into range before the Hound's missiles violently relieved me of the confines of the Jaguar.

It was a race I lost, my Jaguar exploding as the Hound reached half structure, my pod was locked before I could warp out and I awoke in the station, my head pounding. The two pilots had just scored a nice bounty and some good loot, good fight and a very well executed trap.

They'll be back.... and I'll be waiting :D


Felysta Sandorn said...

Good report mate, I always find fights lost make better writing than fights won, but a lot of players tend to leave them out (same goes for videos as well).

Though you did steal the title of one of my recent entries! :p

Garrett00 said...

It was me and my mate! We had a few good fights, usually i ended up exploding! ;)

Anyway good luck to you, i hope someday you will pirating again!


Dictator said...

This post brings back old memories :P
The Hound pilot was me under the name of "Mr Dictator".
I remember , I was so excited about this fight.. :)
It was a good one :P