Monday, 14 July 2008

The Onyx of DOOM

Mal: "This is the captain. We have a...little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then...explode."

Was feeling sorry for myself in station wondering how I was going to explain my losses to Keira, I decided to take out some frustration on the myriad of haulers that move to and from the Gus station, was popping merrily when I had myself a friendly fire mishap, my Broadsword vaporised a pod of a friend's friend. Not wanting to do any more damage than I had already done I docked up when I received a call.

An Onyx heavy interdiction cruiser was reported to be killing haulers two jumps out, seeing as I was already in my Broadsword I decided to go and see for myself, a few other locals decided to join and off we went on our merry.

I jumped in first, being able to tackle and tank very well is a handy trait. I jumped in and my systems resolved, my overview showed the Onyx right on the gate, doing his thing as he popped one hauler after the other, I broke my jump cloak and hit the MWD, activating my Invulnerability field and priming my tackling gear. Once in range my warp disruption generator blinked into life and the steady green glow and hum was kinda soothing. I was closing quickly and then got in web range and it too went live. The Onyx was trapped between a rock and a hard place as a friend in an Astarte also jumped in and engaged, the rest of the Gus locals rushing to catch up.

Unfortunately for them the legendary tank of the Onyx was not up to it and it started to vent atmosphere and fuel into space, it was on fire and soon it flashed into nothing. The pod was sitting amidst the wreck and my systems quickly locked it and it too flashed.

2008.07.15 04:29
For your termination of arc alpha we have paid you the bounty that was set to his head: 2,005,000.00 ISK

I scooped the corpse to add to the morgue and then scoped the loot... DAMN SON.

The Onyx was fit rather expensively and for once some of the good stuff survived the explosion. Faction gear is always nice. I split the ISK from the sale of loot amongst all the pilots who answered the call, not only the three who made it on the kill itself. It's only fair and even though I'm a Pirate, I'm still a nice guy ;)

I returned back to Gus, my head pounding from my earlier poddings, the painkillers starting to kick in and my fingers going numb. I stumble out of my Broadsword and head for my bunk, a good day after all.


Spectre said...

Total Loss: 668,702,984.00

Holy crap.

Andrew said...

Wow, that was a helluva fitting!

Pretty bold for him to be ganking people in lowsec with that kind of ISK onboard... T2 rigs and everything!