Sunday, 4 March 2012

I bet he mad

-- (Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

Ahrieman > does anyone in this low sec posket ever undock?
Kane Rizzel > we do, but pnly when we feel like it
Ahrieman > so no, got it
Kane Rizzel > tbh, if there's a gang about, I don't fancy taking the bait
Ahrieman > i'm soloing
Ahrieman > you should know that i don't have a gang with me
Kane Rizzel > you're corp history means you won't get much on just words
Ahrieman > what's wrong with my corp history? and do you even have scouts? You shouldn;t need to take my word on anything if this is your home system
Kane Rizzel > heretics aren't known to fly alone and wormholes make even the most poignant of scouts kind of redundant
Ahrieman > you're kidding right?
Kane Rizzel > just saying mate
Kane Rizzel > you want a fight, bring the dram to the 2/10
Ahrieman > do you realize how many good solo pilots Heretics have?
Ahrieman > the only people that think they don't fly alone are the same people that spend more time on the forums than actually playing the game
Kane Rizzel > cause I spend a lot of time on forums
Ahrieman > well then, don't listen to the people that do

At this point he warps into the 2/10

And dies

Kane Rizzel > gf
Ahrieman > gf?
Ahrieman > i was stupid to give you the fight oyu wanted
Ahrieman > but this area is boring

And then he left

Kane Rizzel > he mad

Edit: Just been chatting to Ahrieman in private chat, he not mad, just disappointed, good people :)


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Naoru Kozan said...

Well to be honest, Heretics are pretty bad at solo.

Also, that dram fit /o\

Anonymous said...

I also run an extra large in a 'I fought Kane Rizzel and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.'

-Zarnak Wulf