Sunday, 18 March 2012

[OOC] Making a difference

"He's muffed it," said Simony. "he could have done *anything* with them. And he just told them the facts. You can't inspire people with facts. They need a cause. They need a symbol."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Small Gods)

A private conversation propped up as I logged in this evening, from somone I did not know but I always answer convo requests when I can, I have only edited some spelling to make it more legible, I've had a long day at work and my typing sucks when I'm tired. The conversation makes this blog and everything I've done in EVE worth it, inspiring others is something we oft forget and makes the act of living more rewarding

Kane Rizzel > evening
Talon Dusk > hi.... you don't know me but you are my hero haha...i have been reading your blog non stop for like 2 weeks
Talon Dusk > it helps me get through boring work days and i just wanted to say thanks
Kane Rizzel > haha, thanks :)
Kane Rizzel > you're welcome
Talon Dusk > and i am trying my hand at being a pirate but i really have no idea how your so god damn good lol.
Talon Dusk > like some of the things you do in a rifter make me speechless
Kane Rizzel > I've been doing it a long time and some would say I'm just lucky :)
Kane Rizzel > but mostly it's just knowing what you. your ship and your opponents ship are capable of
Kane Rizzel > and it's still fun to fly frigates
Talon Dusk > haha i doubt that...but yeah i am trying to be more solo based i was in a corp that was all about heavy armor 40 man baddon fleets and i started reading your blog and it inspired me to try my hand at solo
Talon Dusk > i doubt that its lucky is what i ment to say
Talon Dusk > but yeah i need to buy a few rifters and just start flying those go back to the basic's i guess figure that will be the best way to get better
Kane Rizzel > I'm glad the blog inspires solo tbh, that's a good thing
Kane Rizzel > haha, I started a character last week, just to see what it felt like to be a low SP player again
Kane Rizzel > only two solo kills so far but has been thrilling
Talon Dusk > yeah i mean flying in those big fleets just made me lose interest like i haven't been playing much the past two months cause i was just so bored with the game just got on to change skills
Talon Dusk > but then your blog made me realize even if i'm in a corp i don't need to always fly with people and i can go solo and get that thrill feeling.
Talon Dusk > but i am sorry for bothering you i just wanted to let you know how much i like your blog and how it has inspired me to try and be a better solo if you are ever recruiting (i know you prob wont) or ever want a noob pilot to fly with let me kno
Talon Dusk > i would be more then happy to fly a rifter over to your home for awhile and hang out. but again sorry for bothering you mate
Kane Rizzel > very true that and I wish more people would actually realise that, was having an argument with some of my old nullsec corp mates about just that
Kane Rizzel > no worries dude, unfortunately I don't recruit but thanks and you're welcome
Talon Dusk > yeah like you say in your blog its nice to have people that you can fly with for somethings but most people don't realize you don't always have to be with them like lately i am on comms but i am just doing my own thing and i know you dont :( just wish you
Talon Dusk > did haha
Kane Rizzel > :)
Talon Dusk > maybe ill start moving out that way and can atleast die by you a few times and try to join one of the pirate corps over i just want to learn how to be even slightly as good as you....
Kane Rizzel > I am planning a gank night through my blog, just need to sort a date and theme but you are most welcome to join in when I do, just keep tabs on the blog
Talon Dusk > yeah i am actually in 2009 right now haha....i went ALL the way back to the beginning and have been reading it from there :) hopefully that doesnt sound creepy....
Kane Rizzel > no it doesn't I did some good writing back then
Talon Dusk > you still do good writing...i just wanted to see how the world of eve has changed over the years. and i enjoy your writing so it was a win win
Kane Rizzel > eve has changed quite a lot and tbh, what I said to my old corp mates stands, the only reason I still play this game is because I did my own thing way back, most of them have quit the game and profess to have won eve but the winners are the ones who still play
Talon Dusk > yeah like i did what you did a few times and take little breaks like i just got a new job so for now till i get adjusted to that i only play weekends and what not but i do plan to start getting into the true solo world
Talon Dusk > and i have now started to scoop EVERYTHING that drops lol...but how do you make money off the little t1 crap?
Kane Rizzel > there's a few channels you can join if you're interested in piracy and solo/small gang stuff for advice and general chat, there's my public channel which is small but has some friends in it "Novakane", then there's "Independence" owned by flashfresh
Kane Rizzel > the CEO of The Bastards
Kane Rizzel > and there's Broadside, owned by Sard Caid, just play nice with the guys and you'll be able to get good advice off some of the residents
Kane Rizzel > I melt all the t1 stuff down into minerals and sell it
Kane Rizzel > when you kill a bunch of stuff it adds up
Kane Rizzel > basically sell all the meta,t2 and faction stuff and clear the loot hangar once a month or so
Talon Dusk > is there a skill that helps with melting stuff down? i am actually training alt for probing/boosting/freighter
Kane Rizzel > I think there is but tbh, I just melt it down, probably lose a lot but I've got no industry skills to speak of
Talon Dusk > haha neither do i...but i figured the alt could have one that would help make money...but i joined both those channels you told me about and maybe if i get enoug hcourage ill actually talk in them but i am kind of shy haha....i just really wanted to
Talon Dusk > thank you for pretty much making me enjoy eve again
Kane Rizzel > that right there, makes it all worth it :)
Talon Dusk > yeah i truly don't have words to describe it but i literally had no motivation to play anymore and just got on to keep skills going but then i found your blog and it made me realize what i actually want to inspire to be in the world of eve...
Kane Rizzel > also worth watching Sard when he does his solo/small gang roams
Talon Dusk > i have a quick question is Kiera actually you or is it truly someone else who plays that account?
Kane Rizzel > it's an alt
Kane Rizzel > just rp'd it as a separate person/sibling as it made the blog entries a bit more alive
Talon Dusk > ah okay...yeah i really always wondered if it was someone related to you....but thats is nice having a alt but i am not to good at probing yet takes lots of practice haha
Kane Rizzel > probing does need practice, I have three characters that are max skilled probers but knowing systems and basic probing mechanics and being comfortable with them is good
Kane Rizzel > with practice you become faster
Talon Dusk > yeah thats what i plan to do to save up for a freighter thou haha...with all this loot i am starting to get
Talon Dusk > okay mate...i am in your chat channel now so ill leave you be...but i honestly cant thank you enough and i do hope we can fly together sometime....sorry for bothering you....but just cant thank you enough haha
Kane Rizzel > no worries
Talon Dusk > alright well ill see you in the channel mate thanks again...and like i said ill fly out there sometime and we can maybe go on a roam or you can kill me one of the two haha
Kane Rizzel > o7
Talon Dusk > o/

In other news

An isk farmer is spotted cloaking in the 2/10, I go to investigate, he's in the thrid room and I use the keys that have respawned to go in, all the wrecks of the plex guards evidence of him in there, killed off so he could cloak.

Kane Rizzel > oh look, an isk farmer

After a few minutes he decloaks and warps out.

Kane Rizzel > run little isk farmer, make sure when you come back to come for a fight

Feeling feisty I offer terms for our next meeting.

Tedrizze > o/

He leaves Gusandall

I receive this in the mail:

From: Tedrizze
Sent: 2012.03.18 20:07
To: Kane Rizzel,

ye i engage in a t2 destroyer fully fitted for this plex!!!NOT

pathetic tool, besides: what are you doing in this plex??farming isk?


My reply:

Re: tard
From: Kane Rizzel
Sent: 2012.03.18 21:25
To: Tedrizze,

I hunt isk farmers in the plex.

You're cloaking inside their waiting out the spawns so you are an isk farmer, labelled as such and will be hunted like the vermin you are.

Hugs and Kisses


Not very smart this one, I particularly like the subject line of my reply :D

Edit: It's getting better

Re: Re: tard
From: Tedrizze
Sent: 2012.03.18 21:33
To: Kane Rizzel,

So and you knew i was in the last room cloaked? :D :D :D

you were there to farm it yourself so please stop bitchin.

Now a fun fact: you need isk in this game to do a lot of pvp, which i do btw, so once in a while looting this plex is providing me enough isk to actually pvp.


Re: Re: Re: tard
From: Kane Rizzel
Sent: 2012.03.18 21:36
To: Tedrizze,

HAHA, you're an isk farmer, plain and simple, you were spotted on d-scan in the direction of the plex, not rocket surgery (intentional use of this), I live here and make my isk hunting schmucks like you, so if you do PvP, kindly come back and show your credentials in the plex, till then, stay classy ISK farmer

Hugs and Kisses



Re: Re: Re: Re: tard
From: Tedrizze
Sent: 2012.03.18 21:37
To: Kane Rizzel,

wow farming isk is such a SHAME, oh wait...

pathetic kido, see you soon when i shred your ass


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tard
From: Kane Rizzel
Sent: 2012.03.18 21:40
To: Tedrizze,

Bring cookies


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tard
From: Tedrizze
Sent: 2012.03.18 21:42
To: Kane Rizzel,

sure, i´ll bring the cookies ur mom gave me when i exploited her face


Nashh Kadavr said...

This dude exploited your mums face?!?!?!

Druur Monakh said...

Oh, your blog does make a difference. Even if some of your readers only end up being independently-minded industrialists :)

Araziah said...

If only mail conversations could generate killmails...