Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Though shall not Covet

"Yes, bugger all that." said Nanny. "Let's curse somebody."
-- Even Nanny Ogg gets upset occasionally
(Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters)

Been a slow day, so I bring you a lone miner, in his Covetor, safe in his High Security pocket.

This message brought to you by the True Minmatar™ and the Asteroid Freedom Front of Heimatar™


Achernar said...

Hi there, I saw you removed the Kony 2012 post. You might want to check that
Once again, keep up the good blog!

Kane Rizzel said...

Yeah, this blog isn't the forum for such things, as we play this game to escape from the stress of Real Life.
I believe what the Invisible Children guys are trying to achieve is noble and I support them in this, no matter what naysayers would have you believe. I also support who are a more direct charity in dealing with the rehabilitation and reintegration of war children into society.

Words of a Fether said...

what the film portrays is 6 years or more out of date info....glad you removed it. yes he was and is a bad man and should die in a ball of liquid fire, but it is digging up and opening old wounds. came for the blog stayed for the piracy.. yaarrr