Saturday, 24 March 2012

Who's Boosting the Booster?

"Don't put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again. That's why they're called revolutions. People die, and nothing changes."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Night Watch)

This evening saw the launch of the 'Ten Link' NovaKane fleet, that's ten Tech 2 links, with mind-links on max skilled Tech 3 cruisers, in formation with my Sleipnir, I can also fit tech 2 Siege and Skirmish links at the moment, only a few more days and I'll have tech 2 armor links.

It's a little impractical but I thought it would make a funny picture :)

Keira had flown to Jita in a hauler to fetch the Legion and Tengu for this formation, on her way back she was accosted by a fellow in a Tornado battlecruiser, it went a little something like this:

Listener: Keira Rizzel
Session Started: 2012.03.24 22:37:00
[ 2012.03.24 22:37:23 ] (notify) Shadetr33, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
[ 2012.03.24 22:37:23 ] (notify) Shadetr33: You have foolishly engaged in criminal activity within sight of sentry guns and must suffer the consequences.
[ 2012.03.24 22:37:24 ] (combat) 1400mm Carbine Howitzer I belonging to Shadetr33 hits you, doing 1020.8 damage.
[ 2012.03.24 22:37:24 ] (combat) 1400mm Carbine Howitzer I belonging to Shadetr33 places an excellent hit on you, inflicting 2700.0 damage.
[ 2012.03.24 22:38:04 ] (None) Jumping to Stargate (Hatakani) in Kassigainen solar system

Keira Rizzel > nice
Shadetr33 > booo

Always fit a tank folks.

In other news, I'm considering something rather drastic, but will let you know when I finally decide.


Sard Caid said...



Anonymous said...

and so the circle continues, the one with more boosters will win.
and you are part of that trend, feel proud of yourself

maybe it will get that much out of hand that it will get nerfed or more and more player will be turned off by that distgusting behavier of no skill and leave the game.
even ecms and logisted are not that lame...

either way, the booster are accounts too and ccp couldnt care less if the account numbers stay steady

but the game will be ruined in the end

Kane Rizzel said...

Hahahahahaha! I knew that picture would get that reaction. Thank you for proving me right.

If you think I have no skill, please feel welcome to come to Gusandall and offer a 1v1 without boosters, also feel free to stop hiding behind anonymous posts

Anonymous said...

there is no difference between anonymous or some name you dont know.

you may or may not have skill in a 1v1 without boosts

doesnt change the fact that you use boosters (to even that extend) which require no skill.

all your fight probably had boosters, so all your kills you had or will have are worthless

at least attack big fleets with these and get some kills there

Kane Rizzel said...

Boofuckinghoo, the more you cry about it the madder you appear. Seriously dude, I have a claymore booster, everyone knows that, not even t3 but that won't stop you whining like a bitch with a sskinned knee. This picture was taken specifically to get this kind of response, you do your case no good by crying as such.

Claiming all my kills are worthless because of links, shows how much you know about me, or profess to know (protip: my claymore is static, stays in my home system and here was a time before links)

Please feel free to carry on crying, I feel my meta griefing of you still has much potential

Anonymous said...

i shed no tear over you, its rather sad that you think so and i truly pity you.
enjoy your meta griefing in your mind, at least you have that...

Kane Rizzel said...

Hey Mike, I was right :D

Ava Starfire said...

I fought Kane without his boosters, and he gave me a very solid, straight up 1v1. How is it any different than me fighting the Bastards with Ishkur/Jaguar/TD Stiletto, than fighting 1 with boosters? Ill still take the fight.

I dont personally like them. I wont damn others for using them.

Kane Rizzel said...

As Ava said, 1v1s with me are a straight up test of skill, the opponent, Ava in this case, forms gang, the fight goes down on their terms, I give up starting range to give the opponent peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

Always fit a tank to your mammoth, especially in Bosena. Free SFIs anyone?

Kane Rizzel said...

that's in lowsec though, where it's safe :P