Friday 10 July 2009

[OOC] I always thought I wanted a career... Turns out I just want the paychecks

-- Dyslexic roosters are a sad sight (Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

As is always the case this time of year I am flat out at work so have very little time or energy to actually log Kane in and hunt. As such updates become few and far between.

I'm under no delusion that it matters very little in the grand scheme of things and while there are a few regular readers, it's not like if this blog was never updated again that anyone would lose any sleep over it.

Recently this blog received it's 25,ooo hit, that's a lot for a very niche market but is nowhere near as many as some of the pro EVE bloggers. Does this bother me? Not in the slightest.

As I've stated before this blog is and always will be a place for me to write down my thoughts and experiences while improving my writing. Not many people are aware that I am Dyslexic, or that English is not my first language. I can speak it fine but have always struggled with writing.

I do have help though, my good friend Soup Spoon, the man who got me into EVE in the first place does a lot of proof reading for me and for that he has my thanks.

So, I'm extremely busy with work but Kane will still be around, Keira more so as she does some high sec work with family and friends.

Stay Classy