Sunday 18 April 2010

Rifter Power

He didn't look mad, but they never did.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Strata)

Y'all know what my favourite ship is right?

The Rifter is a very powerful combat frigate and can easily tackle the best frigates out there. It has gone through many radical design phases since its inauguration during the Minmatar Rebellion. The Rifter has a wide variety of offensive capabilities, making it an unpredictable and deadly adversary.

Minmatar Frigate Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage and 7.5% bonus to tracking per level.

Y'all know what my favourite system is right?

So I'm bumming around in Eifer after roaming around in a Harbinger to no avail. I'm in Rincewind the Rifter, trying my best to look innocent and let me tell you that this is no easy task. There's not much about until a Magnate astrometric frigate catches my attention and I quickly narrow it down to a planet where it has some Sisters' combat probes out. Was it looking for me? Well, whatever the case it had found me and then conveniently exploded.

I scoop the loot and check my scanner, there's a Myrmidon class battlecruiser in a belt, again, quick and professional use of the scanner allows me to pinpoint its location and in I barrel.

I land just as the Myrm warps out, with a cheeky mail saying "close", well son, it's going to be close as I've seen where you warped to. I follow as is my nature. I land on top of him and engage with everything my little Rifter can dish out, up to and including the kitchen sink. He deploys drones and I start to kill them one by one, wave by wave, until it's just me and the Myrm

Alliance comms is quiet, everyone seemingly asleep on this fine Sunday evening. I decide to try and solo him but his tank easily deals with my Rifters damage output. Eventually Dogz offers a hand and I except as I'm starting to run out of ammo.

Kane Rizzel > You gonna die anytime soon or what?

Dogz warps in with his Typhoon class battleship

Kane Rizzel > OHSNAP

The Myrmidon was in for a beating and I for one welcomed my Dogz overlord. The myrm goes down hard and I scramble the pod, offer 25 million ISK ransom which he accepts. We let go of tackle and he warps out, I scoop the loot and do the same. A good 15 minutes from initial tackle till Dogz came in to help finish him off.

I send Dogz his share of the ransom and spot a Thrasher on scan, greedy Kane is greedy and warps to where the scanner indicates he would be, I engage and so does he, Thrasher hits 20% hull as my mighty Rifter expires and it is only then I notice the Thrasher pilot is in the same corporation as the Myrmidon pilot.

Oh well, back to Gusandall to get another Rifter being put together by the hangar crew.

Back in Eifer I spot a Jaguar on scan, too much for my Rifter but I'm going in regardless. The outcome was certain the moment I warped in and another Rifter expires, I head back to Gusandall to get something Rifter shaped but a lot more sturdy and sharp. I take Maurice the Jaguar back to Eifer and offer the jag pilot a 1v1.

He agrees, I offer for him to form gang and make a safe for the fight as is my custom, he does so and soon it's game time. I had a simple strategy, with barrage loaded I would skirt at about 10km keeping him webbed and scrammed whilst raining sweat death down upon him.

My strategy take s a turn for the worse as my 'Warp to 10km' lands me right on top of him. Oh well, overload and try gain some distance, my shields take a pounding but soon I'm moving out of his range and into mine. My shields recover but his are fairing rather badly as I'm now in the sweet spot. My opponent goes down and we share 'good fight' in local. I scoop the loot, it will help offset the loss of the second Rifter to some rather reckless flying, but then you never know what you can kill until you try.

Eifer, the system of good times.

Until next time, y'all stay classy

Thursday 15 April 2010

[OOC] Back and how the loot gods have smiled

"Not a man to mince words. People, yes. But not words."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Small Gods)

I'm back from my adventure to Geneva, have finally gotten all my stuff moved to the new place, hooked up the computers and got the internet running. Have also got a PS3 for the new place so I've been kinda distracted but logged in this evening to be greeted by a Navy Scorpion fighting some Mean Coalition in Gus.

The tank was epic and was easily handling the assembled posse but then a few more of us landed on the gate with Neuts and exploded him. The loot gods smiled. The guy had killed two Abaddons so was no mug and he was quite graceful in defeat. Kudos to him for bringing that plaything to our home. Also caught a Loki jumping into Gus but he logged and paid the price.

Bad news is that I won't be as active as I have been in the past but I won't be quitting EVE or anything that daft, just I have a lot to do and to get sorted in my life, plus the PS3 will probably take me on new gaming adventures.

Y'all stay classy and till I see you again I leave you with a tune I'm really liking.