Wednesday 29 February 2012

Revenge and Cookies

Chain-mail isn't much defence against an arrow. It certainly isn't when the arrow is being aimed between your eyes.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Eifer
Shetao Jerhamorr > ill will have my revenge!
Kane Rizzel > cool
Kane Rizzel > bring cookies

Welcome to Eifer bro

PS, It's the Minmatar Republic, no purple kool-aid for you

Monday 27 February 2012

The Threeway

On nights such as these the gods, as has already been pointed out, play games other than chess with the fates of mortals and the thrones of kings. It is important to remember that they always cheat, right up to the end...
-- (Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters)

Harrassing an ISK farmer by making it difficult for him to run the 2/10 plex is a favourite past time of mine, his frustration, my jollies. He doesn't like, me, he doesn't like Keira and her uber links, in fact, I don't think he likes the EVE universe much as he chooses a poor way to venture through it, all cloaks, very little dagger, means I care little for his opinion, or his anonymous comments on my blog.

Anyways, whilst waiting for him to come back and try his hand at running the plex, my associate in Eifer reports a Myrmidon ratting. I recognize the name, the corp and the alliance, not ones to fly alone so I ask about to see if anyone has spotted his corp or alliance mates. Eventually it seems like this fellow is ratting solo, in Eifer... I know right?

I undock the Fifth Elephant™ once again, I'm liking this again, a white knuckle ride of a ship. I enter warp to the Eifer gate just after spotting an Electus Matari pilot warp the same direction in a Hurricane, he jumps through to Eifer, followed by me. The Myrmidon is in the belt closest to the Gusandall gate and as I enter system I see the Hurricane warp to said belt.

I warp at range and land as the Myrmidon goes red, engaging the Electus Matari pilot. Deciding it's a nice day, I light the Myrmidon up, he goes down faster than a choir boy at an Amarr church service. Then it's just me and Karum... He engages me...

Say what? Here I am, being a pillar of society, helping this man out of the goodness of my heart and he shoots at me.

Well, I can't stand for this, stand idly by whilst my good intentions are spat upon, so I lock him up and start shooting.

The shooting is going good, I'm easily able to tank his damage whilst obliterating his shields and armour, things are going well until...

BLACKBIRD! piloted by Ekkeko, for those keeping track

Karum's friend warps in at 100 clicks, lights me up and negates any use of my targeting systems what so ever.

I pop a blue pill, a strong one as I'm going to need it.
First jam cycle is a given, a cap booster charge is consumed, my shield booster repping massive chunks of shield, but it is hungry.

Second jam cycle, another cap 800, I'm smashing the targeting console, hoping, for even the slightest chance. Karums Hurricane is humping The Fifth Elephant™ like a rabid poodle, his warp scrambler and web meaning I'm dead in space, unless I get lucky.

Third jam cycle, this is getting tiresome, there's no chance I can fight back, my drones start taking damage as Karum's Hurricane is in hull and his only chance is to kill off my autonomous damage.

Fourth Jam cycle, another cap 800, more shield reps, more damage being applied by Karum, strangely no energy neutraliser, I'm being hit by... what the fuck are those... Rockets?

Fifth Jam cycle, cap booster 800, shield rep, smashing target button

Sixth jam, cap booster, recall drones, down to three of my brave friends.

Seventh, booster, repping like a Boss, deploy drones.





The Blackbird misses a cycle, lock resolves, Karum has two thirds structure left, guns overloaded, drones aggressed... GOGOGOGOGO!!!

It's a race, despite it's name being associated with a lumbering animal, this was one The Fifth Elephant was destined to win, Karum's hull not able to withstand the ferocious onslaught of sheer ECM hating destruction unleashed upon it.

A very good fight, sentiments shared in local chat.
For all the haters out there, Keira wasn't in system during this fight :P

Took some shots of the Rizzel's in formation, rather shiny if you ask me :)

Edit: It also helps to read this story whilst listening to this song as it was playing during the fight :)

Sunday 26 February 2012

True Minmatar, the Cult with the Purple Kool-Aid

He didn't look mad, but they never did.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Strata)

Altaen > :) :) :)
Altaen > Just killed 5 Archons and 2 Bhaals and some other junk
Angel Cruz > link??
Altaen > <3 militia
Gottii > thats a lot of dead abaddons
Altaen > battlereports are a little funky b/c one guy lost two archons, but one sec
Altaen >
awhiplash > massive gate camp in ostingale on stacmon gate..with carrier support.
awhiplash > Rooks and Kings
Kane Rizzel > how does EM deal with flying with pirates in FW gangs?
Kane Rizzel > surely your heads must implode
Kane Rizzel > does this mean EM will finally realise anti piracy is the machination of the amarr to enslave and subjugate
Michael Harari > altaen, is teraa matar going to get in?
Kane Rizzel > will Lassie eventually just say fuckit and leave timmy in the fucking well he's fallen into a million times
Kane Rizzel > and I was a split second from nabbing Naa Poleon's lefion :(
Kane Rizzel > legion
Kane Rizzel > but seriously: Kane Rizzel > how does EM deal with flying with pirates in FW gangs?
Gottii > very carefully
Kane Rizzel > isn't that against everything EM stands for?
Kane Rizzel > and I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely interested in this
Kane Rizzel > I mean, being blue to Ushra Khan, who whilst Minmatar Loyalists, are also a legacy Piracy alliance from years back
Kane Rizzel > but I shoot one dude in a mission and all of a sudden I'm a bad
Kane Rizzel > ok
Kane Rizzel > I've shot a lot of dudes in a mission
Kane Rizzel > but I was nice about it
Kane Rizzel > you can reply in character if you want, I'm always in character
Gottii > EM's never really been anti-pirate, just pirates in the Republic space...
Kane Rizzel > so
Kane Rizzel > if I only killed amarr or caldari duders in minmatar space, wouldn;t that make me like the po-lice?
Kane Rizzel > I mean, it's not piracy if it's against dudes we don;t like right?
Hannah Senesh > it makes you a privateer
Gottii > btw, freaking hillarious << watch this btw, I LOL'd fo real
Kane Rizzel > Hannah, which is what 99% of real classic RL pirates were btw but shush about that
Kane Rizzel > not so much the somalis
Gottii > if you only killed amarrian or caldari militia pilots, or pirated in their space, EM would cheer you
Altaen > oooh
Altaen > Bug ShadowCartel AHAC gang here now
Altaen > Big*
Hannah Senesh > all shadow cartels are big
Hannah Senesh > shadow cartel gangs*
Kane Rizzel > but Gottii, I'm keeping my little corner of Minmatar space free from slavers and usurpers, doesn't that count for something, and to be fair, most people want to get shot if they come here, it's like coney island
Kane Rizzel > people come for the rides
Michael Harari > And dont angel's deserve a fair trial?
Gottii > ill be sure to pass that along to the EM diplomacy corp
Michael Harari > capsuleers just show up and start indsciminately murdering them
Michael Harari > and they have no chance vs capsuleer-piloted ships
Kane Rizzel > ^^
Dong Orson > they really should put a sign on all the stargates warning people they are entering the layer of Kane Rizzel
Michael Harari > we used to have cans saying that in oddeulf
Kane Rizzel > if I did that, like a surgeon generals warning on cigarettes, would that make it fine, people would then know the risks and partake of their own free will, could I get blues with EM?
Kane Rizzel > or at least for my alts
Kane Rizzel > because damn y'all are thorough
Kane Rizzel > I remember one time I had the whole SHC alliance "Derek Knows Us" red to EM
Kane Rizzel > you'll have to excuse me talking to myself in here, my corp chat got boring
Hannah Senesh > lol
Gottii > im gonna go with "its doubtful"
Kane Rizzel > fair enough
Kane Rizzel > you won't get anything if you don't ask for it
Michael Harari > why does EM use the standings given out by CONCORD, a corrupt organization that protects slavers, to determine who is a pirate?
Gottii > probably because thats all EVE gives us
Michael Harari > that sounds suspiciously out of character
Gottii > but technically we dont...we set non-outlaws red all the time
Kane Rizzel > Gottii > probably because thats all EVE gives us << You see, the true free Minmatar, have taken what EVE has given us and made it our own, not beholden to such trivialities as a caste or class system.
Kane Rizzel > I think I shall start a cult
Vanderie > don't drink the kool-aid kids
Kane Rizzel > red coolaid and everything
Kane Rizzel > no wait
Kane Rizzel > purple fucking coolaid
Kane Rizzel > because why the fuck not
Vanderie > purple drink
Dong Orson > I'm going to go out of the way and say Miura bull already beat you to it
Kane Rizzel > Miura started a fan club
Kane Rizzel > I like it
Kane Rizzel > but this is serious
Dong Orson > ok I'll join :P
Dong Orson > can I bring my fan club?
Kane Rizzel > oh hell yeah
Dong Orson > \o/
Kane Rizzel > True Minmatar are free to do whatever the fuck they want
Gottii > i mean, dont get me wrong, CONCORD is a fucked up orgnaization.
Gottii > I mean, kill thousnads of crewman...a slight loss of sec status.
Kane Rizzel > what I really want, is another armageddon day
Gottii > You kill an immortal clone....just one...and omg you criminal
Kane Rizzel > Us immortals are big jobs in spaceships

Saturday 25 February 2012

The Offer

You did something because it had always been done, and the explanation was "but we've always done it this way." A million dead people can't have been wrong, can they?
-- (Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant)

When made an offer you can't refuse, you have a few options, you either accept the offer, or you decline the offer, simple really, sometimes you might haggle for a better offer, but, once the offer has been accepted, don't renege, it's considered rude.

I pride myself on having honoured every single ransom I have ever offered, even on occasion having refunded ISK after some trigger happy accomplice got their jollies mid negotiation.

So. when an Ishtar and Tengu are spotted running the lucrative Angel Red Light District in Gusandall, all sorts of machinations are put into gear.

They are probed out within 30seconds of probes hitting space and my accomplice is already on the acceleration gate when I undock The Fifth Elephant™, a Sleipnir class field command ship.

Sleipnir Name: Sleipnir
Hull: Cyclone
Role: Field Command Ship

Command ships are engineered specifically to wreak havoc on a battlefield of many. Sporting advanced command module interfaces, these vessels are more than capable of turning the tide in large engagements. Field command ships are geared more towards out-and-out combat than their fleet command counterparts, though both ships can hold their own in battle.

Developer: Boundless Creation

Boundless Creation's ships are based on the Brutor tribe's philosophy of warfare: simply fit as much firepower onto your ship as possible. Defense systems and electronics arrays therefore tend to take a back seat to sheer annihilative potential.

Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire and 7.5% bonus to Shield Booster effectiveness per level

Command Ships Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret damage and 10% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret falloff per level

Role Bonus: 99% reduction in Warfare Link module CPU need

I warp to the gate and activate it, Keira is in position, Interdicition Maneuver II link active, my tackle overloaded, a massive boost in range as I would need it because the gates are far apart, they're not in the first room, microwarp drive active as I make all haste to the second gate, activated as I enter range and hurtled through to the next room of deadspace. They're sitting 45clicks away, I overheat MWD and close, locking both of them up, Tengu warps out before it resolves but I'm pleased to see a lock on the Ihstar, looooong point goes green and I close, a flight of Zerker IIs start to chase me down but the Ishtar is doomed, I hero tank hoping this would encourage the Tengu to come back but it never does, as the Ishtar explodes, the Pod is tackled and terms offered:

He accepts and transfers the isk, 90 million short, negotiations have ceased and I add his corpse to my collection. I refund the ISK, I should have considered it a donation but I have some weird fucked up sense of honour, don't ask, I can't explain it.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Blast! Part Deux

"There's nothin' wrong with bein' a son of a bitch."
-- Gaspode the wonder dog
(Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures)

The Megathron has been rebuilt, of course it has, you saw a picture of it in the last post, renamed Gaspode to fit in with my fleet naming convention, sorry Sard :P. Been a while since I've had as much fun in a battleship as I am with this one and for good reason.

It requires some micro-managing of guns, cap booster and armor repairers and when a swarm of drones is about, the smartbomb is just ace.

It is particularly handy for going in outnumbered, especially if there aren't gate guns playing merry havoc with your armour.

A trio of Drakes are camping the Emolgranlan gate in Eifer, I was keyed to this by my cousin Kenny, who mentioned that some Russian dude from the same corp was saying there was a 6/10 in Eifer and he needed help... A lame tactic but a viable one to lure carebears into a trap.
What made me decide to go in guns blazing was when an associate had just warped to her gate peep and said the red flashy Drake was 10 clicks away from her, out of range of gate guns.

She got as close as she dared, to set up the warp in, as I made my way to the Eifer gate in Gus, when she was ready she signaled and I jumped in to make the long warp, listening intently to her intel in case they warped off.

Bursting out of warp a mere 5 clicks off the primary Drake, I drop drones and close, target locked, tackled, engaged. First Drake lights me up, second is a bit hesitant, third still sitting at zero on the gate, not sure what to do, which gives me a precious head start.

My guns aren't tracking all too well until I maneuver to reduce radial and transverse velocity so they could hit better, by this time second Drake had lit me up and third had warped in, A swarm of small drones envelopes my Mega, smartbomb pulses, destroying waves of drones but doing a good job on my capacitor too. Overloaded heavy cap booster* starts chewing through charges, both large armour repairers engaged as I'm deep in armour and won't be able to hero tank.

First Drake explodes
, a combination of sentry drones and the blasters from my Mega chewing it up, the pod warps out as I engage the second Drake, with extreme prejudice. The third Drake curiously warps out, strange but it becomes clear as CptHaoc from Celestial Argonauts warps to the wreck of the first Drake to join the fight, not sure of his intentions as I target him but keep burning the Drake, I see he has engaged the Drake too and it is not long for this verse, it explodes and CptHaoc warps out, unsure of my intentions and to be honest I was in two minds, sure he helped but he also ruined my solo of these guys, c'est la vie. Anyways, help sometimes is needed, even when you're me :) Thank you.

Before all this though, I did kill and pod a mission runner's Hurricane with a Harbinger, he never responded to the ransom offer :( which is becoming common place, other than the Rifter pilot from a few days ago who paid the ten million offer for safe release of his escape pod.

And just because I'm enjoying taking screenshots atm, here's one of Havelock Vetinari
Remember to RIGHT click and open in a new tab/window for best results

* Something I see very little of in PvP videos is overloading of cap boosters to get that extra out of the charges, always frustrates me as I watch them, furiously trying to click their HUD to overload


A Thanatos carrier appears on scan of my associate in Eifer, she probes it down in seconds and reports a warpin, I start asking if anyone is nearby to help as I board Interesting Times, my Machariel class battleship. I warp in and tackle, he requests a private conversation:

Kane Rizzel > yes?
clamslayer > what up
clamslayer > unfitted
clamslayer > you want to make some isk to let me go?
Kane Rizzel > what's it worth to you and I'll see if it's worth more than the killmail
clamslayer > fuck off

He initiates self destruct shortly after I start shooting him

[ 2012.02.23 00:58:24 ] (notify) clamslayer has initiated self-destruct of their Thanatos, it will explode in 120 seconds.

[ 2012.02.23 01:00:24 ] (notify) Thanatos belonging to clamslayer self-destructs.

It explodes as it enters armour, denying me a killmail but it matters not, a Thanatos wreck is now before me, spoils to the victor of 43 armor plates.

TECHNICALLY KANE RIZZEL JUST SOLO'D A CARRIER WITH A BATTLESHIP, WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME? Truthfully though I was cockblocked in the most unimaginative way :(

Tuesday 21 February 2012


Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil...prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon...

-- (Terry Pratchett,

Whilst chasing a capsuleer that had recently taken to try and farm plexes in the area, I spot a Raven and Drake idling on the Endrulf gate in Eifer. I race back to Gus, grab my Megathron and head back.

Admiral Akbar was shouting at me but I wanted a fight, I would either get it, with a bunch of people, or the supposed bait would simply jump to the high security system where technically I couldn't go

After engaging a few times at the gate, hero tanking to try and get them to fight, them jumping to highsec and back again, the Raven warps to Gus gate, sweet, no jumping to highsec any more, I will fight you there, he could of course still jump out but he'd be jumping to Gusandall and would have to come back this way if he wanted to get home.

I start the shooting, local spikes, another Drake, a Cynabal and a...

No, not a Falcon, something far more worse...

A Curse.


Oh well, I carry on shooting the Raven but my capacitor is done for, no guns, no tank, just a GF in local as I warp my pod to safety.

They hung about, the locals stirring from their slumber, a few friends about, looking for a fight, we engage the Cynabal at the Eifer gate, he jumps out, a bit of smack between us and then me sitting in Eifer 1-1 as bait in an Armageddon, only to kill an Enyo who tried to tackle me, his Merlin friend bailing.

The original Raven and Drake take GCC on the Emol gate engaging CptHaoc's Hurricane but jump into highsec as some of the Gus locals warp to the gate and engage them, both were destroyed by CONCORD and justice was served

The hostile gang eventually move on as The Bastards scouts are spotted in the area.

I would then mistakenly warp to and jump through the Emolgranlan gate to high security space and earn one of my titles yet again, luckily I do it so often I easily get back to the safety of Lowsec.

I'd like to apologise to Sard Caid for losing my Megathron in such a fashion, I should have known better and promise to be more reckless with the next one.

The new Mega is built and ready to be rock

Also have something new to play with, not had a chance to deploy it in anger but look forward to doing so.

Thursday 16 February 2012


Quote #458.

"Chain letters," said the Tyrant. "The Chain Letter to the Ephebians. Forget Your Gods. Be Subjugated. Learn to Fear. Do not break the chain -- the last people who did woke up one morning to find fifty thousand armed men on their lawn."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Small Gods)


I board Sgt Detritus, a Harbinger class battle cruiser and head on over, jump into Eifer, warp to my associate and warp into the complex.

The Gila pilot greets me in a strange tongue, but then speaks common to me.

Brian D'Illusion > СВОЛОЧ
Brian D'Illusion > please Harbinger
Brian D'Illusion > leave me alone

He warps out before I can get in range of my tackle. Well, I'm not here to just chillax, so I warp to a safe spot off scan from the complex and wait for my associate to report the Gila back at the gate. He does go back to the gate, greed a prime motivator in the universe and I warp back to the complex.

Brian D'Illusion > Harb
Brian D'Illusion > u think u smart?
Brian D'Illusion > Please leave me alone

He warps out as soon as I come out of warp and heads to highsec, I take this as my cue to go back to Gusandall and grab something that the Gila pilot might find a bit more palatable, A RUPTURE.

I head on back to Eifer and jump in just as the Gila pilot does the same, but by this time, my cousin Kenny has started to run the complex in his Tengu

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Eifer
Brian D'Illusion > ffs
Brian D'Illusion > give me back plex
Kane Rizzel > come and take it

I try tempt the Gila to warp in and engage, but I think my enthusiasm may have made him even more weary of my intentions.

Brian D'Illusion > ffs
Brian D'Illusion > i hope someone pod u
Brian D'Illusion > as sson as possible
Kane Rizzel > it could be you
Brian D'Illusion > kidding me?
Brian D'Illusion > 6 years agaisnt low 1 year player
Kane Rizzel > don't come to lowsec if you're gonna cry like a little girl
Kane Rizzel > your ship is superior to mine, I'm in a Rupture
Brian D'Illusion > if i have more money for ship without fear of destroing it
Brian D'Illusion > againd kidding me
Brian D'Illusion > on scan i see tengu with rupture
Kane Rizzel > the Tengu won't get involved
Brian D'Illusion > harbinger?
Kane Rizzel > if you win you can have the plex, until then the Tengu is running it
Kane Rizzel > I'm in a rupture, you didn't want to fight the harbinger so I changed
Brian D'Illusion > ofc
Brian D'Illusion > nice try
Kane Rizzel > your loss, Tengu is going into second room already
Brian D'Illusion > choke with it
Brian D'Illusion > freak

And on that note he left Eifer, never to return

Kane Rizzel > that's not very nice
Kenny Rizzel > what a pleasant fella

So no fight, or kill and a few rather choice words about my character :(

I would later engage in a battle of Ruptures with Dian Lung of The Black Rebel Rifter Club.
It was a close range brawl, in very similar fit Ruptures, a few differences I think turned the tide in my favour, plus Dian had loaded Barrage earlier and forgot to change but it was a close fight none the less :)

Thanks for coming down Dian.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Rep it up, before you slap it up

"And Howondaland Smith, Balrog Hunter, practic'ly eats the dark for his tea."
-- Gaspode the wonder dog
(Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures)

A day of mixed feelings, I lost Flubber, again, and Keira lost Feet of Clay, her Claymore command ship, to two well flown Tengus. Working on Replacing Flubber and Keira has already replaced her loss.

But that's not why we are here, life goes on, ships explode and I'm in the business of making others explode before I do. Yet another Tengu was trying to run a complex, this time in Eifer and before you knew it, an associate had the co-ordinates.

Grabbing the most capable ship as soon as I could, I undocked in Sgt Detritus, a Harbinger class battle cruiser, a fearsome machine of death and destruction, I initiate warp and check all systems.


Along with the armour damage I notice most of the weapons and electronics systems have heat damage.

"Nice one Kane, you're going into battle with half a ship

Kane Rizzel > oh christ, going after a tengu with a quarter armour

I enter Eifer as systems were primed to jump as I landed on the stargate in Gusandall (I know you can abort the jump but time was off the essence here)

Well, half a ship was better than no ship, so I warp to my associate as fast as Sgt Detritus could align. All the while my associate is checking that the mark was still inside the plex with her directional scanner.

I land on the acceleration gate and initiate warp, moments later exiting inside the complex.

As luck would have it and I was going to need a lot more in the next few moments, the Tengu was only 8km away as I landed on grid, fortuitous indeed as the merest warm breath might have melted my tackle. Systems primed, locked, cocked and open fire.

It takes the Tengu pilot a moment to figure out what is happening but when he does he opens fire, we trade blows, his shields dipping slowly but surely but my meager armour already evaporating under salvo after salvo of heavy missiles.

Do I dare overheat the pulse lasers? Take a chance? I've been lucky so far in this fight, but luck might turn and with no guns I'd either be dead or helpless to kill him forcing me to warp away with my tail between my legs.

I am Kane Rizzel!

I overheat like a motherfucker, shouting at my drones to spur them on, every last ounce of damage is needed as Sgt Detritus starts to vent fuel and atmosphere into space, the combination of the two bursting into flames before being extinguished by the vacuum, but I'm hurting, his shields disintegrate and the Tengu is not much longer for this 'verse. He explodes, a mighty explosion, a satisfying explosion.

I warp off, the loot safely retrieved and a satisfying if slightly nerve racking kill.

In other news, I've started flying a new class of battleship, will take a little getting used to as range is an issue and I've not truly tested her but she has some kills scratched on her hull already.

Edit: Just had an amazing fight with the Megathron, so I'm here to regale you with awesomeness.

There are some new neighbours taken up residence in Hrondedir and I've tussled with them a few times, stirring the hornets nest so to speak, mainly picking them off in complexes and anomalies. Seems my efforts to get a reaction out of them has succeeded.

A lone Typhoon in an anomaly, screams bait as I had watched them gather a sizeable force earlier to camp the Eifer gate, to no avail.

So... Bait!

I wanted to test the Mega and see if I liked it, an associate had already located it, set up the warpin and told me it was aligned to the station, I undock and warp to her.

I come out of warp 5 clicks in front of the Phoon and engage, drop sentry drones and open fire.

Phoon engages back, tackles me and trap is sprung, local spikes and I see Arazu, Hound, Hurricane and Falcon now in the mix. The all hit grid and a swarm of ec-300 drones engulf my Mega. I pulse the smartbomb and the pressure eases but the Falcon is well and truly messing with my targeting electronics.

I pop an exile booster and continue to tank like a Boss, not being able to shoot anything but doing damage none the less as my drones are still engaging the Phoon and my smartbomb explodes another wave of ec-300s.

One of the locals asks me if anything is going down? I calmly reply "Me"
The locals that are awake x up, a Legion, Loki and Falcon join me in mighty battle, but as they hit grid, the hostiles warp out, leaving my Megathron on fire, deep into structure, no cap boosters left but still in one piece.

The Typhoon explodes from my sentry drone onslaught and I was curious as to why he never warped out, only to see the answer in the killmail.

A cyno? I was Black Ops dropped, managed to tank them all enough for friends to bail me out and still managed a kill, FUCKING RESULT. I initially thought I had been login trapped.

An associate would later probe the Hound out, which was destroyed, the pod probed and popped for good measure

Thanks to RealZonk, Xylorn and Xintri for saving my ass :D
The logs have been parsed and this is the story of the fight:
Total Damage done to your targets: 69,300.2
Total Damage done to you: 77,776.4

•To view the images in all their glory, right click and open link in new tab

[OOC] I will also be around a lot less as I'm back to work tomorrow after a months R&R

Monday 6 February 2012

Fit for Revenge

It is the fate of all banisters worth sliding down that there is something nasty waiting at the far end.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

After getting Spike out of a tussle with a Thrasher in flames, I spot a Retriever in a belt in Gusandall.

Yes, you read that right... A Retriever... In a belt... In Gusandall.

So I mosey on over and say howdy, he explodes, I scramble the pod and offer terms, to which he doesn't reply, so to the clone vats he goes.

Minutes later he returns in a Cyclone, seemingly after revenge. proving too tempting I warp to the belt and engage, it takes me a while to nibble through his mighty tank but eventually the Cyclone succumbs to my relentless assault. The pod once more scrambled, terms not offered as I know he hasn't had a chance to put new implants in, once more unto the clone vats he returns.

Kane Rizzel > I didn't fit it, I just killed it

Sardisms Vol. 1

Sard Caid > you miss the point
Sard Caid > its like you tried to catch the ratting drake with your long point
Sard Caid > only to realize you're in a riffie with a scram fit
Sard Caid > and scream FU while overheating your ab and scram trying to bridge the distance
Sard Caid > only to no avail~

Sunday 5 February 2012

Rules for running away, Vol. 1


Thursday 2 February 2012


Quote #163.

The kraken stirs. And ten billion sushi dinners cry out for vengeance.

-- (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens)

Kane Rizzel > Reg, I see you're here for revenge, want to 1v1?
Reginald Cod > theres no such thing
Kane Rizzel > actually, I take 1v1s very seriously
Kane Rizzel > this is how it works
Kane Rizzel > you form gang with me, make a safespot of your own, we both warp in and then you can revenge
Reginald Cod > No thx, just watch your back punk
Kane Rizzel > oh ok, you do realise I live for this shit?
Reginald Cod > You took away my livelihood, now i will have your HEAD

Meta 16?

Something wicked this way comes?

Edit: To clarify, this screen is from TQ, you can't search for the Thukker MWD, you can only see this using the compare tool, but what interests me is what I circled in red, Meta 16? What will the future bring?