Sunday, 26 February 2012

True Minmatar, the Cult with the Purple Kool-Aid

He didn't look mad, but they never did.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Strata)

Altaen > :) :) :)
Altaen > Just killed 5 Archons and 2 Bhaals and some other junk
Angel Cruz > link??
Altaen > <3 militia
Gottii > thats a lot of dead abaddons
Altaen > battlereports are a little funky b/c one guy lost two archons, but one sec
Altaen >
awhiplash > massive gate camp in ostingale on stacmon gate..with carrier support.
awhiplash > Rooks and Kings
Kane Rizzel > how does EM deal with flying with pirates in FW gangs?
Kane Rizzel > surely your heads must implode
Kane Rizzel > does this mean EM will finally realise anti piracy is the machination of the amarr to enslave and subjugate
Michael Harari > altaen, is teraa matar going to get in?
Kane Rizzel > will Lassie eventually just say fuckit and leave timmy in the fucking well he's fallen into a million times
Kane Rizzel > and I was a split second from nabbing Naa Poleon's lefion :(
Kane Rizzel > legion
Kane Rizzel > but seriously: Kane Rizzel > how does EM deal with flying with pirates in FW gangs?
Gottii > very carefully
Kane Rizzel > isn't that against everything EM stands for?
Kane Rizzel > and I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely interested in this
Kane Rizzel > I mean, being blue to Ushra Khan, who whilst Minmatar Loyalists, are also a legacy Piracy alliance from years back
Kane Rizzel > but I shoot one dude in a mission and all of a sudden I'm a bad
Kane Rizzel > ok
Kane Rizzel > I've shot a lot of dudes in a mission
Kane Rizzel > but I was nice about it
Kane Rizzel > you can reply in character if you want, I'm always in character
Gottii > EM's never really been anti-pirate, just pirates in the Republic space...
Kane Rizzel > so
Kane Rizzel > if I only killed amarr or caldari duders in minmatar space, wouldn;t that make me like the po-lice?
Kane Rizzel > I mean, it's not piracy if it's against dudes we don;t like right?
Hannah Senesh > it makes you a privateer
Gottii > btw, freaking hillarious << watch this btw, I LOL'd fo real
Kane Rizzel > Hannah, which is what 99% of real classic RL pirates were btw but shush about that
Kane Rizzel > not so much the somalis
Gottii > if you only killed amarrian or caldari militia pilots, or pirated in their space, EM would cheer you
Altaen > oooh
Altaen > Bug ShadowCartel AHAC gang here now
Altaen > Big*
Hannah Senesh > all shadow cartels are big
Hannah Senesh > shadow cartel gangs*
Kane Rizzel > but Gottii, I'm keeping my little corner of Minmatar space free from slavers and usurpers, doesn't that count for something, and to be fair, most people want to get shot if they come here, it's like coney island
Kane Rizzel > people come for the rides
Michael Harari > And dont angel's deserve a fair trial?
Gottii > ill be sure to pass that along to the EM diplomacy corp
Michael Harari > capsuleers just show up and start indsciminately murdering them
Michael Harari > and they have no chance vs capsuleer-piloted ships
Kane Rizzel > ^^
Dong Orson > they really should put a sign on all the stargates warning people they are entering the layer of Kane Rizzel
Michael Harari > we used to have cans saying that in oddeulf
Kane Rizzel > if I did that, like a surgeon generals warning on cigarettes, would that make it fine, people would then know the risks and partake of their own free will, could I get blues with EM?
Kane Rizzel > or at least for my alts
Kane Rizzel > because damn y'all are thorough
Kane Rizzel > I remember one time I had the whole SHC alliance "Derek Knows Us" red to EM
Kane Rizzel > you'll have to excuse me talking to myself in here, my corp chat got boring
Hannah Senesh > lol
Gottii > im gonna go with "its doubtful"
Kane Rizzel > fair enough
Kane Rizzel > you won't get anything if you don't ask for it
Michael Harari > why does EM use the standings given out by CONCORD, a corrupt organization that protects slavers, to determine who is a pirate?
Gottii > probably because thats all EVE gives us
Michael Harari > that sounds suspiciously out of character
Gottii > but technically we dont...we set non-outlaws red all the time
Kane Rizzel > Gottii > probably because thats all EVE gives us << You see, the true free Minmatar, have taken what EVE has given us and made it our own, not beholden to such trivialities as a caste or class system.
Kane Rizzel > I think I shall start a cult
Vanderie > don't drink the kool-aid kids
Kane Rizzel > red coolaid and everything
Kane Rizzel > no wait
Kane Rizzel > purple fucking coolaid
Kane Rizzel > because why the fuck not
Vanderie > purple drink
Dong Orson > I'm going to go out of the way and say Miura bull already beat you to it
Kane Rizzel > Miura started a fan club
Kane Rizzel > I like it
Kane Rizzel > but this is serious
Dong Orson > ok I'll join :P
Dong Orson > can I bring my fan club?
Kane Rizzel > oh hell yeah
Dong Orson > \o/
Kane Rizzel > True Minmatar are free to do whatever the fuck they want
Gottii > i mean, dont get me wrong, CONCORD is a fucked up orgnaization.
Gottii > I mean, kill thousnads of crewman...a slight loss of sec status.
Kane Rizzel > what I really want, is another armageddon day
Gottii > You kill an immortal clone....just one...and omg you criminal
Kane Rizzel > Us immortals are big jobs in spaceships


Flashfresh said...

I think EM and other similiar organisations are walking contradictions. At least Kane and other pirates are consistent in their behaviour and indeed, honest.

Miura Bull said...

Heehee. Nice =))

Spillrag said...

So to my understanding, from this conversation, EM only shoot:
-Caldari/Amarr militia
-Any criminals (-5 sec and below?)
-Anyone in Gal/Minmitar militia who also shoot other people in Minnie space

-But not anyone in Gal/Minmitar militia as long as they don't shoot other non-criminals, even if that militia member has criminal sec status

Also, isn't true that if you're in a militia you will lose sec status for attacking enemy militia members?