Sunday 14 February 2016


Sergeant Comely was working on the general assumption that where you got lots of people gathered together, something illegal was bound to happen sooner or later.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Johnny and the Dead)

As I'm making brunch for the board of Sea Shepherd in a chateau in the south of France where the author of The Little Prince once resided I take a look at a comment up for moderation:
I logged in to dust to night to chat with other players about this . i wont play or do anything productive till this is resolved . in eve you have safe sytems for new players and Concorde will tag you for stealing from them so players can attack you. you can flag a player so you know he or she is bad guy you can get even with them and ther friends or corp mates, nothing like that exists in dust. if i want to sell something to some one i post it in the station they fly in and buy it i get my money ... nothing like that exists in dust its a game exploit you built in the current player gifting system its not about trust its a simple hole you left.. it needs to be fixed i can see me buying the wrong thing or the 100s of other way you can lose out in eve but the way but how it is in dust is just broken if i have to pay to transfer an item (the market escrow) then you should have to give me an item for my isk its just not a trust thingits a simple hole please fix it . i worked hard for what
Not sure what this charming player was on about, it had nothing to with the post in question. I can only assume he was meant to post that somehwere else. I wonder how he feels now that we know DUST is DOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!

There are some new tools on the market, a way to extract unneeded skills and either sell the knowledge or redircet it elsewhere. First off, this is absolutely fantastic, time to get rid of the 21243 SP I have in production, resource processing and social... What?
Out of 172 million skill points that's all I can spare.

Anyways, I am desperate to get back to Pirating but our oceans are still dying and humans are still the reason, so if humans would be so kind as to stop fucking shit up I can get back to what's really important.