Thursday 13 September 2012

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Never safe

As castles went, this one looked as though it could be taken by a small squad of not very efficient soldiers. For defence, putting a blanket over your head might be marginally safer.
-- (Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant)

The one constant in the EVE universe is, you are never safe. It is something I like to remind folk of from time to time and when some plex farmer decides to set up shop in Gusandall, you just know summer is over and school is about to commence.

The Thrasher appears on d-scan in the third room and the Rifter I'm in doesn't have the tools needed to get there. So a quick warp back to the station, grab something that had said tools, undocked and warped to the plex entrance.

The Rifter hulled Wolf class assault frigate, with warp trailing off its sleek hull, immediately activates the gate as it lands, going through the motions as it reaches the next gate, and again in the next room.

Finally in the third room of the complex, the Thrasher doesn't appear on my overview, so using the d-scanner, I start trying to pinpoint his location.

Station and sun? ... Not there.
Various stargates? ... Not there.
Belts and moons? ... Not there.

Very curious... I narrow down to 90 degrees and start a quick sweep of system.
Strangely enough, he appears directly above me, so I start to narrow the search and eventually have him on a 5 degree sweep, I hit my MWD and head in the direction of the scan, as it appears Mr Thrasher is trying to hide off of Mr Grid.

It doesn't take long, only a few hundred kilometres, as I have a rough idea how big the grid in the last room is, before he appears on my overview, 150 clicks away. I sneak up on him as best I can, he seemingly oblivious to my presence, doing his nails as he lets me get right within disruptor range.

From here on in it's pretty much over as I settle into optimal range and open fire, he eventually wakes up, but it's too late as he explodes. He mumbles something in Russian as he warps his escape pod out, leaving me with the delicious loot.

Not much else happening of note recently, unless you count me trying to take on a Hawk in my Rifter and losing, but I did give it a good old whack :)