Monday 16 February 2009

The sun doesn't always shine...

Steal five dollars and you were a petty thief. Steal thousands of dollars and you were either a government or a hero

-- (Terry Pratchett, Going Postal)

Well, it's been a mixed bag as of late.

I was in Eifer doing my thing when I spotted a nasty little gang in a belt, they had a Crow with them and were seemingly engaging an old friend in his Thorax. My train of thought was that the Thorax was dead either way but I would warp in at 30km and see if I could pick off the Crow.
Unfortunately for me they had a Curse which totally sucked for me at that point as my capacitor was alpha'd. A few seconds later I was liberated from my Rifter and warped my escape pod off in the direction of the Gusandall gate. Time for a new Rifter.

A few minutes later, after seeing a few blobs pass on, I spotted a Rifter seemingly alone at a planet, I warped in and he was 100 clicks off, I started to close and he warped off to another planet. I followed and warped in at 50km, in case he changed his warpin distance. I landed 50km away and started to close, he did the same and soon we were engaged in violence. The fight was rather interesting in that he didn't do much damage to me as I kept out past 5km from him. My only conclusion is that he had short range ammo loaded and this was confirmed by the killmail.

Still in Eifer I spot a Rifter in a belt, I narrow it down and go in for the kill, it was a very young pilot but there were some others in system and I wanted them to come on in, only way to do so is put myself in a weakened position. I engaged the Rifter and he exploded in a very short time but my plan worked as a Malediction interceptor warped in and closed very, very quickly. Too quick actually and he was webbed, scrambled and then vaporised.

I scored another two Rifter kills before heading to Gusandall for some shut eye.

I woke up rather early and went out to Eifer to see if I could catch anything. It was probably too early. There was a Brutix, Prophecy and Rifter together in a belt and I used poor judgement in going in and engaging. I engaged the Rifter and he went down very quickly but it was a bit too late for me as the Brutix and Prophecy melted my poor Rifter.

Another Rifter and once more in Eifer and it seems to have come alive. A Malediction and two Rifters at a planet, I warp in and they are engaged 200 odd km away, Malediction warps out and both Rifters warp in on top of me. The two pilots are residents of the Independence channel and it was only after that I recognized this. They came away with a prized kill.

I would later offer the Malediction pilot a 1v1 which he accepted and thus started a ten minute duel which ended in a stalemate as he couldn't break me and I couldn't catch him. A good fight even though there was no outcome.

It was after this that I spotted the Brutix and Prophecy back in Eifer so it was a quick trip to Gus to grab something appropriate, Karma™ would do quite nicely.

I warped to a safespot and quickly scanned them out in a belt, warped in and engaged. Brutix was primary and the fight was on, they both lit me up like bonfire night. My shields were taking immense damage but the Brutix was going down, unfortunately he warped out but I managed to switch tackle very quickly on to the Prophecy who melted with my armour down to 60%.

I think it would have been a lot closer had the Brutix stayed in the fight.

I went out for coffee and people watching only to return this evening to try and kill a Wolf in the local 1/10 angel plex. I warped in and he was 40km away, I quickly closed with him doing the same. The fight kicked off and things were about even as we traded blows but then a system lag and as my sensors recalibrated I had burnt out my guns, with the Jaguar on fire and no hope of winning this fight I started to move out of range. As I was warping out, almost 25km from the Wolf, my Jaguar exploded, unexpected to say the least. Oh well, I warped my escape pod out and shared a "Good fight" in local.

Five Frigates, an Interceptor, a Cruiser and three pods for the loss of two Rifters and a Jaguar. Not one of my better hunts but fun none the less.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

The voices say kill. I must obey them.

A good plan isn't one where someone wins, it's where nobody thinks they've lost.

-- (Terry Pratchett, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents)

It's like a drug and I'm an addict. Violence is the way of the universe, if you think it doesn't work then you're not using nearly enough of it.

My favourite past time is jumping in a Rifter and introducing the universe to my particular brand of violence. Win or lose it's a massive amount of fun and Eifer is always good to supply me with that which I need.

None of the early fights stood out, a total of three destroyers, five frigates and six pods before my luck ran out against an Arbitrator cruiser. I headed back to Gusandall to grab another Rifter

Once more in Eifer and things picked up, a Crusader was hanging near the Gusandall gate, so I warped in at 100 clicks and waited, sure enough he warped in and started to close the distance to me at a healthy 4km/s. I changed course to intercept the Amarr interceptor and he ran into me head first. Warp scrambler shut him down and web kept him in place. My guns started to tear into him when the rest of his gang jumped in, didn't really pay attention to its make-up except for the Claw closing quickly. Crusader goes down and I shift my tackle on the Claw, his momentum carries him out of range but not before I took him to half armour. He never came back and warped off.

Zuko Droner > Nice work Kane
Kane Rizzel > gf guys
Kane Rizzel > if claw wants to 1v1 I'm up fopr it
Kane Rizzel > no?
Kane Rizzel > sader was fun
Kane Rizzel > seriously, 1v1
Kane Rizzel > I want a shot at it, tried to gank me and then run
Kane Rizzel > poor form
Draxxus Midnight > what are you flying ?
Kane Rizzel > rifter
Draxxus Midnight > haha
Draxxus Midnight > me too, though im sure yours is a lil better fitted then mine :P
Kane Rizzel > <url=showinfo:1383//1081975959>Captain death7997</url> <-- I choose you
Captain death7997 > :D
Captain death7997 > im scared

Fair enough.

I warped to a safe, my scanner showed a thrasher, two tristans in a cluster of belts so in I went, Thrasher being the one I wanted. I narrowed it down and warped in just as it left for another belt, Tristan had just arrived but I followed the Minmatar destroyer. I burst out of warp and it was on, Thrasher was locked up and engaged, my guns and rockets laying down the law of Eifer. Tristan warps in and engages me, Thrasher goes down and I shift focus, he launches a t2 Warrior drone which I kill asap. Crow comes in along with second Tristan. First Tristan goes down and the Crow is starting to hurt me but I intercept his orbit and pin him down. I'm at half hull when he goes down with second Tristan closing in but not damaging me as my repairer catches up and claws back precious armour.

Kane Rizzel > awesome fight
Azr911 > gf

Private Chat:
Azr911 > you are my hero
Kane Rizzel > gf
Azr911 > that was amazing
Azr911 > i give you mad props
Kane Rizzel > thanks, was awesome

As I was busy looting my systems started to act up and froze, in this time the local Angel Cartel decided to enact vengeance upon my ass... C'est la vie.

I went back to Gusandall to grab a ship to go loot what was left and thus I unveiled a new ship into my fleet, an Amarr heavy assault cruiser class Zealot named "That's no moon"

I went to the belt and started to loot and people just kept warping in, a Punisher that saw what was there and left in a hurry, two Rifters who died in a magnificent light show and a Republic Fleet Firetail who stayed well out of range.

I grabbed what was left and headed on out, a good nights hunt and definitely got better as it went on.

A grand total of nine Frigates, four destroyers, two interceptors and eight pods killed for the loss of two Rifters. Not bad if I do say so myself

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Where no man has gone before...

Too many people, when listing all the perils to be found in the search for lost treasure or ancient wisdom, had forgotten to put at the top of the list 'the man who arrived just before you'.

-- (Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero)

Early this morning before I passed out from the painkillers, I had the opportunity to introduce a pilot to my Rifter inside the Gusandall 2/10 plex. It appeared he was in the third room. I grabbed some keys and headed on out. As expected the Thrasher was in the third room as I warped in. This was the Thrasher that managed to escape when my modules went ape shit. Guns and rocket launcher primed as my warp scrambler kicks in, web locks him down tight as I hold a steady orbit. No need for fancy flying at this point. His shields already gone I start to chew into his armour. In seconds it's gone and shortly after his structure melts. Escape pod is left at my mercy and as I said earlier, I have none. Pilot was none to pleased to be so violently interupted.

I called it a night and went to bed.

After having spent much of the day watching movies, going out for coffee and generally lazing about I popped in to my hangar to see what the local comms net could reveal. A friend reported a Coercer inside the Plex and I grabbed some key cards and headed on out in the Rifter. I warped into the first room and nothing, my directional scanner showing the mark inside the second room, I headed to the gate and warped in and there it was, a Coercer, piloted by the same Thrasher pilot from this morning. Kane being Kane would never let such an opportunity pass and I engaged. The Ammarian destroyer was destroyed without breaking a sweat but the pilot managed to get his escape pod out this time.

What follows is the local comms chatter directly after his violent extradition from his ship

NCC 1701E > wtf dude
Kane Rizzel > :P
NCC 1701E > u r realy that bent on killing me
NCC 1701E > ur a fucked retard
Kane Rizzel > why thank you
Kane Rizzel > you're not a special snowflake, you're just a fictim of circumstance and evolution
NCC 1701E > r u retarded?
Kane Rizzel > If I'm retarded, what does that make you?
NCC 1701E > fictim learn to spell
NCC 1701E > its victim
Kane Rizzel > lol
Kane Rizzel > sore loser
Kane Rizzel > fits ac's to a coercer too

Granted I spelt "victim" wrong but it made me giggle.

Too bad I'm "BL;OACKED", not sure how I'm going to recover.

The new Jaguar has a name courtesy of Venom Orchid.

Space Cowboy, long may you violence

Monday 2 February 2009

Tilburn > that's a hell of a jag

The shortest unit of time in the multiverse is the New York Second, defined as the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the cab behind you honking.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

Well now, where do I start.

I had a Reaper rookie ship hanging about and decided to take it out and see what I could catch, unfortunately for me it's first catch was also its last but I got damn close to popping a Rifter before exploding. My first loss in almost two months :(

Some good old fashioned Rifter action in Eifer. It started off rather quiet with very little about until a small group of frigates caught my attention. I had used my scanner to narrow them down to a cluster of asteroids, warped to the planet and scanned each belt separately until I found them, I hit warp and soon I was in the midst of battle. First Rifter was 6km away and was primary. Target lock resolves and I go through the motions. As he's about to pop I switch my warp scrambler onto the next Rifter who had by this time engaged, along with a Merlin and Reaper. Second Rifter was going down hard and I switched tackle to the Merlin. Rifter explodes and Merlin becomes the next lucky participant. My guns and rockets make a mess of the Caldari frigate and the Reaper decides to leg it. Merlin's escape pod hangs about a second too long and the corpse now resides in "The Morgue"

Good fight, good fight

I then proceeded to attack another two Rifters later on and then headed home to Gus for dinner and a smoke.

Back in the black after dinner and there seems to be a Manticore, Hound and Condor combo hanging about, not at any belts. So I decided to go hang out at the 2/10 plex entrance. I had scanned out a Harpy inside and warped in but he was gone.
It was only then I noticed the Hound and Condor had entered and were busy trying to violence my Rifter. Of course I could have none of this and proceeded to violence them right back.

Hound was first as a volley of cruise missiles slammed into my trusty Rifter while the Condor tackled. Hound starts to feel the pain of my 150s and rocket launcher and it explodes in the most fantastic manner. Manticore warps in but legs it as soon as his friend explodes, leaving the Condor at my mercy. Pity for him I have none.

Thrasher warps in and I engage immediately, he's taking massive damage and my modules decide nows the time to play silly buggers, armor rep is only working in single cycles, so is the warp scrambler and it's this little nugget of tragedy that means the Thrasher escapes to lick his wounds.

Good fight, good fight

I warp back to station to offload the loot when a Sabre undocks and tries to fry me, I dock and board my Jaguar as the Sabre heads to the 2/10 plex.
After what seemed like an ice age, I eventually get to undock, warp to plex and go inside, I land just off the Sabre and engage, fight kicks off and we both trade punches, his shields doing well as I like a dumbass have the wrong ammo loaded. Too late to change now as I continue to launch salvo after salvo at him. I start to take heavy shield damage and bleed into armour whilst my shields are at 75%. What the fuck is going on tonight? He hits armour but it's too late as Maurice™ explodes, my escape pod warps out immediately to safety, not wanting to become that which I so enjoy creating.

Farewell Maurice™, I shall miss you, we spent many nights creating such masterful destruction.

Good fight Tilburn, good fight

I need a name for the new Jaguar and I'll take suggestions from my readers as to what it should be. Name Kane's new Jag and be a part of history :P

Sunday 1 February 2009

[OOC] EVE Blog Pack

Colour me surprised, it seems I've been made a member of the EVE Blog Pack created by CrazyKinux. Not sure how or why and I have no idea what it really entails as I only found out by reading CK's blog.

I'm not %100 sure if I'm an ideal candidate to be honest as my playtime is very erratic due to work and other real life™ commitments and I'm not sure how to proceed.

I'll have to think on this.