Monday 2 February 2009

Tilburn > that's a hell of a jag

The shortest unit of time in the multiverse is the New York Second, defined as the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the cab behind you honking.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

Well now, where do I start.

I had a Reaper rookie ship hanging about and decided to take it out and see what I could catch, unfortunately for me it's first catch was also its last but I got damn close to popping a Rifter before exploding. My first loss in almost two months :(

Some good old fashioned Rifter action in Eifer. It started off rather quiet with very little about until a small group of frigates caught my attention. I had used my scanner to narrow them down to a cluster of asteroids, warped to the planet and scanned each belt separately until I found them, I hit warp and soon I was in the midst of battle. First Rifter was 6km away and was primary. Target lock resolves and I go through the motions. As he's about to pop I switch my warp scrambler onto the next Rifter who had by this time engaged, along with a Merlin and Reaper. Second Rifter was going down hard and I switched tackle to the Merlin. Rifter explodes and Merlin becomes the next lucky participant. My guns and rockets make a mess of the Caldari frigate and the Reaper decides to leg it. Merlin's escape pod hangs about a second too long and the corpse now resides in "The Morgue"

Good fight, good fight

I then proceeded to attack another two Rifters later on and then headed home to Gus for dinner and a smoke.

Back in the black after dinner and there seems to be a Manticore, Hound and Condor combo hanging about, not at any belts. So I decided to go hang out at the 2/10 plex entrance. I had scanned out a Harpy inside and warped in but he was gone.
It was only then I noticed the Hound and Condor had entered and were busy trying to violence my Rifter. Of course I could have none of this and proceeded to violence them right back.

Hound was first as a volley of cruise missiles slammed into my trusty Rifter while the Condor tackled. Hound starts to feel the pain of my 150s and rocket launcher and it explodes in the most fantastic manner. Manticore warps in but legs it as soon as his friend explodes, leaving the Condor at my mercy. Pity for him I have none.

Thrasher warps in and I engage immediately, he's taking massive damage and my modules decide nows the time to play silly buggers, armor rep is only working in single cycles, so is the warp scrambler and it's this little nugget of tragedy that means the Thrasher escapes to lick his wounds.

Good fight, good fight

I warp back to station to offload the loot when a Sabre undocks and tries to fry me, I dock and board my Jaguar as the Sabre heads to the 2/10 plex.
After what seemed like an ice age, I eventually get to undock, warp to plex and go inside, I land just off the Sabre and engage, fight kicks off and we both trade punches, his shields doing well as I like a dumbass have the wrong ammo loaded. Too late to change now as I continue to launch salvo after salvo at him. I start to take heavy shield damage and bleed into armour whilst my shields are at 75%. What the fuck is going on tonight? He hits armour but it's too late as Maurice™ explodes, my escape pod warps out immediately to safety, not wanting to become that which I so enjoy creating.

Farewell Maurice™, I shall miss you, we spent many nights creating such masterful destruction.

Good fight Tilburn, good fight

I need a name for the new Jaguar and I'll take suggestions from my readers as to what it should be. Name Kane's new Jag and be a part of history :P


Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

How about Jeff or Jeffrey?

LOL, anyways, a small small grammar mistake. I think you meant to say "whist - his - shields are at 75%." instead of "whist - my - shields...".

Good fights, and keep them coming :D

- Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior"

Sard Caid said...

Given the structure of the paragraph and previous lag/bug related reporting earlier in the post, I'm pretty sure he meant he was taking armor damage at 75% shields.

Ballsy taking a dessie hull in a Jag, especially a Sabre. Beyond the lag/bug shit, sounded like a GF.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Hey, I stand corrected!

Thanks for clearing that up for me Sard, now I see his frustration!

Anonymous said...

Fair play for taking on the sabre in the jag, I personally prefer the wolf (was talking to flash about this the other night) also find it a lot easier to switch ammo with the weapons grouping :)
As for a name I found this article on the bbc website:
Panthera onca
The largest cat of the Americas, the jaguar is a formidable beast. The Yanomami Indians call it the 'Eater of Souls', due to the belief that it consumes the spirits of the dead."

'Eater of Souls' - quite fitting I do believe.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Why anyone dares to undock when you're in their Local is beyond me :) You are scary.

My vote: "Elric"

Anonymous said...

I vote for "Space Cowboy", it's only fitting if called Maurice then the new one should be space cowboy, come on, it's a song lyric from Steve Miller. Or or "Midnight Toker", again just an idea. ;)

Sard Caid said...

As for ship name, how's about 'Jagyarr'?

Carole Pivarnik said...

Ah, Venom, good one!

Another suggestion: Jiger (from an old Japanese monster movie).

Xephys said...

Well, going with a Terry Pratchett theme, how about Sgt. Angua? Fast and tough, packs a deadly punch. :)

Might be a little more suited for the wolf (warewolf and all) but I'm sure it'd do fine for the Jaguar.

P.S. The City Watch series is my favourite, by far.

Anonymous said...

Going by your fighting style I'd call the ships 'Surprise Buttsex' or 'Sudden Death' ;)

I'd love to introduce it to my Ishkur '9 inch nail' one day - I'm missing celebrities on my killboard, even when it's in the loss section :D

Continue the good work m8!