Monday, 16 February 2009

The sun doesn't always shine...

Steal five dollars and you were a petty thief. Steal thousands of dollars and you were either a government or a hero

-- (Terry Pratchett, Going Postal)

Well, it's been a mixed bag as of late.

I was in Eifer doing my thing when I spotted a nasty little gang in a belt, they had a Crow with them and were seemingly engaging an old friend in his Thorax. My train of thought was that the Thorax was dead either way but I would warp in at 30km and see if I could pick off the Crow.
Unfortunately for me they had a Curse which totally sucked for me at that point as my capacitor was alpha'd. A few seconds later I was liberated from my Rifter and warped my escape pod off in the direction of the Gusandall gate. Time for a new Rifter.

A few minutes later, after seeing a few blobs pass on, I spotted a Rifter seemingly alone at a planet, I warped in and he was 100 clicks off, I started to close and he warped off to another planet. I followed and warped in at 50km, in case he changed his warpin distance. I landed 50km away and started to close, he did the same and soon we were engaged in violence. The fight was rather interesting in that he didn't do much damage to me as I kept out past 5km from him. My only conclusion is that he had short range ammo loaded and this was confirmed by the killmail.

Still in Eifer I spot a Rifter in a belt, I narrow it down and go in for the kill, it was a very young pilot but there were some others in system and I wanted them to come on in, only way to do so is put myself in a weakened position. I engaged the Rifter and he exploded in a very short time but my plan worked as a Malediction interceptor warped in and closed very, very quickly. Too quick actually and he was webbed, scrambled and then vaporised.

I scored another two Rifter kills before heading to Gusandall for some shut eye.

I woke up rather early and went out to Eifer to see if I could catch anything. It was probably too early. There was a Brutix, Prophecy and Rifter together in a belt and I used poor judgement in going in and engaging. I engaged the Rifter and he went down very quickly but it was a bit too late for me as the Brutix and Prophecy melted my poor Rifter.

Another Rifter and once more in Eifer and it seems to have come alive. A Malediction and two Rifters at a planet, I warp in and they are engaged 200 odd km away, Malediction warps out and both Rifters warp in on top of me. The two pilots are residents of the Independence channel and it was only after that I recognized this. They came away with a prized kill.

I would later offer the Malediction pilot a 1v1 which he accepted and thus started a ten minute duel which ended in a stalemate as he couldn't break me and I couldn't catch him. A good fight even though there was no outcome.

It was after this that I spotted the Brutix and Prophecy back in Eifer so it was a quick trip to Gus to grab something appropriate, Karma™ would do quite nicely.

I warped to a safespot and quickly scanned them out in a belt, warped in and engaged. Brutix was primary and the fight was on, they both lit me up like bonfire night. My shields were taking immense damage but the Brutix was going down, unfortunately he warped out but I managed to switch tackle very quickly on to the Prophecy who melted with my armour down to 60%.

I think it would have been a lot closer had the Brutix stayed in the fight.

I went out for coffee and people watching only to return this evening to try and kill a Wolf in the local 1/10 angel plex. I warped in and he was 40km away, I quickly closed with him doing the same. The fight kicked off and things were about even as we traded blows but then a system lag and as my sensors recalibrated I had burnt out my guns, with the Jaguar on fire and no hope of winning this fight I started to move out of range. As I was warping out, almost 25km from the Wolf, my Jaguar exploded, unexpected to say the least. Oh well, I warped my escape pod out and shared a "Good fight" in local.

Five Frigates, an Interceptor, a Cruiser and three pods for the loss of two Rifters and a Jaguar. Not one of my better hunts but fun none the less.


Anonymous said...

Superb as usual Kane :) I'd have been happy with 2 rifters and a jag traded for 5 frigs, an inty, a cruiser and 3 pods - but hey, I know you've got ultra high standards. Still amazing nonetheless.

PS. You need to update your linky to my blog, I'm "me" again :p

Anonymous said...

Great stuff there Kane and I would have been happy with the kill ratio too! I love the rifter-hull and the two variants. So versatile and deadly!

Am glad that you're patrolling that 1/10 plex once again!


Carole Pivarnik said...

Always an inspiring read. In fact, after you posted this, I went on a little solo roam feels so good to win fights all by myself that I don't mind the losses.

Redbad72 said...

Haven't been around much in Eifer, but I'm still reading you and Flash ;-)

Keep up the good work!