Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The voices say kill. I must obey them.

A good plan isn't one where someone wins, it's where nobody thinks they've lost.

-- (Terry Pratchett, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents)

It's like a drug and I'm an addict. Violence is the way of the universe, if you think it doesn't work then you're not using nearly enough of it.

My favourite past time is jumping in a Rifter and introducing the universe to my particular brand of violence. Win or lose it's a massive amount of fun and Eifer is always good to supply me with that which I need.

None of the early fights stood out, a total of three destroyers, five frigates and six pods before my luck ran out against an Arbitrator cruiser. I headed back to Gusandall to grab another Rifter

Once more in Eifer and things picked up, a Crusader was hanging near the Gusandall gate, so I warped in at 100 clicks and waited, sure enough he warped in and started to close the distance to me at a healthy 4km/s. I changed course to intercept the Amarr interceptor and he ran into me head first. Warp scrambler shut him down and web kept him in place. My guns started to tear into him when the rest of his gang jumped in, didn't really pay attention to its make-up except for the Claw closing quickly. Crusader goes down and I shift my tackle on the Claw, his momentum carries him out of range but not before I took him to half armour. He never came back and warped off.

Zuko Droner > Nice work Kane
Kane Rizzel > gf guys
Kane Rizzel > if claw wants to 1v1 I'm up fopr it
Kane Rizzel > no?
Kane Rizzel > sader was fun
Kane Rizzel > seriously, 1v1
Kane Rizzel > I want a shot at it, tried to gank me and then run
Kane Rizzel > poor form
Draxxus Midnight > what are you flying ?
Kane Rizzel > rifter
Draxxus Midnight > haha
Draxxus Midnight > me too, though im sure yours is a lil better fitted then mine :P
Kane Rizzel > <url=showinfo:1383//1081975959>Captain death7997</url> <-- I choose you
Captain death7997 > :D
Captain death7997 > im scared

Fair enough.

I warped to a safe, my scanner showed a thrasher, two tristans in a cluster of belts so in I went, Thrasher being the one I wanted. I narrowed it down and warped in just as it left for another belt, Tristan had just arrived but I followed the Minmatar destroyer. I burst out of warp and it was on, Thrasher was locked up and engaged, my guns and rockets laying down the law of Eifer. Tristan warps in and engages me, Thrasher goes down and I shift focus, he launches a t2 Warrior drone which I kill asap. Crow comes in along with second Tristan. First Tristan goes down and the Crow is starting to hurt me but I intercept his orbit and pin him down. I'm at half hull when he goes down with second Tristan closing in but not damaging me as my repairer catches up and claws back precious armour.

Kane Rizzel > awesome fight
Azr911 > gf

Private Chat:
Azr911 > you are my hero
Kane Rizzel > gf
Azr911 > that was amazing
Azr911 > i give you mad props
Kane Rizzel > thanks, was awesome

As I was busy looting my systems started to act up and froze, in this time the local Angel Cartel decided to enact vengeance upon my ass... C'est la vie.

I went back to Gusandall to grab a ship to go loot what was left and thus I unveiled a new ship into my fleet, an Amarr heavy assault cruiser class Zealot named "That's no moon"

I went to the belt and started to loot and people just kept warping in, a Punisher that saw what was there and left in a hurry, two Rifters who died in a magnificent light show and a Republic Fleet Firetail who stayed well out of range.

I grabbed what was left and headed on out, a good nights hunt and definitely got better as it went on.

A grand total of nine Frigates, four destroyers, two interceptors and eight pods killed for the loss of two Rifters. Not bad if I do say so myself


Anonymous said...

Wow Kane....I'm speechless....My little rifter aspires to this status. :) Exciting post, had me going from the start.


Seldon said...

I want to once again point out that it was me who unleashed this horror upon the eve galaxy, and I'm either really sorry or really really happy about it, whichever anybody who might hunt me down would prefer. :D

This is some amazing work, once again :)

Nursultan said...

Kane, how do you catch those inties? I've only managed to throw them off the orbit using rocks, but never succeeded in getting close despite doing those Crazy Ivans again and again. Do you do that with AB or MWD?

Carole Pivarnik said...

You are just beyond awesome. I love reading about your particular brand of violence.

Kane Rizzel said...

@ Nursultan: I use an AB on my Rifter. Overheating is your friend when it comes to webs and scramblers but intercepting orbits is key.

Most often than not an inty will warp in at distance and hit the orbit button to close in. I normally move at a 90degree tangent from them, then once they start to close quick I change course to intercept and hit the AB with web and scrambler overheated, that's how they often run headlong into me.

It's a little different if they are already in orbit but zoom out and watch their orbit, it's easier to set an intercept course then.

Crazy Ivans are great to mess up orbits to set up the interceptor for the kill.

To be honest though, most of the guys I catch are over confident in taking out a Rifter and don't pay attention until it's too late.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Out of curiosity, do you manage to fit your ships mainly from loot you get from kills? (I seem to recall I might have read a comment from you about this very topic a long while back.)

Sard Caid said...

Pretty sure I can answer for Kane here.

Given how successful he is on his KB, which at the very least parallels me in k/d ratios, he's raking in more than enough isk to purchase and fit ships. That he achieves so many victories in T1 hulls means there's that much less to lose, and more to gain when PvPing.

My own loot hanger is absolutely full of mods that I dip into. The only thing that holds back total rearmament from loot is that not all ships you kill use the same fittings you do, and there's some mods you just don't loot that often, or often enough. Such as full racks of a specific weapon type.

Kane Rizzel said...

Sard is right, not everything I loot is suitable to fit. I do loot everything though, whatever I can't use gets melted down and sold as minerals which in turn provides isk to buy shinies.

Anonymous said...

Superb recount Kane! I am still convinced, as ever that you are beyond insane - but that's why we love you!

In true Kane Rizzel style plenty of massacres left, right and centre at your hand :) Nice one

Anonymous said...

I am gobsmacked!!

I seem to remember that in the past you have had a 'friend' in system with a commmand ship to get speed bonuses - was that the case here?

Kane Rizzel said...

Keira is very rarely in lowsec atm and she was not present for the evenings festivities.